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Dr. John Lee Evans comments after being sworn in for his second term on the Board of Education.

I was elected in November 2008 to represent the citizens of District A in the San Diego Unified School District. I am proud to have this responsibility and I am always open to the comments and suggestions of parents, employees and the general public about how we can all work together to improve our schools for the benefit of our children.

Our San Diego Unified School District website is just one of many ways that the public can become more engaged with our schools. I plan to use this website to share information about the district and my activities as a school board member. This new website also allows you to share your comments and opinions with me through my blog page where I will be hosting discussion topics about important school district issues.

Please visit our district website often and stop by my webpage for updates and to share your thoughts with me. I am always happy to talk to parents, employees and concerned voters.

Just drop me an email at .

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