Opportunities for Parent Involvement

Parents have many opportunities to be involved at their children’s school site (for example, governance committees, special events, fundraising events, parent organizations, and in classrooms) and at the district level (for example, district councils/committees, Parent University, and special events). We also encourage parents to support their children at home by making their expectations about school clear and creating a positive homework and learning environment.

We at Marvin Elementary are committed to obtaining community resources for our school and invite all constituencies to assist us in the education of our students.

We have a very active Parent-Teacher Foundation (PTF). It extends our academic program into other areas. Through the PTF’s fundraising efforts we are able to offer teacher support and materials, aerobics and yoga, martial arts and art instruction as well as other support for our children. The PTF supports our parent outreach programs by providing opportunities for families to meet each other and share in their children’s learning.

For more information, please visit the PTF section of the Marvin Elementary website found here.