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The CPMA Parent Foundation is currently on hiatus. 

   The CPMA Parent Foundation is currently in the process of getting their 501(c)(3) paperwork.  
We, the CPMA Foundation, are parents and families just like you; and we would like to introduce ourselves.

 We are much like a PTA, who provide an opportunity for parents and staff to come together, to help our students and school grow and be the best it can be. We are a positive, exciting group, who see only the best for your students at CPMA Middle School. Please join us!

The Foundation typically meets the first Monday of each month during the school year in the library at 6:00 pm.  Please check the calendar for any changes.
The next Foundation meeting is Monday, June 4th at 6pm in the CPMA Library. Board members for next years Parent Foundation will be announced. Hope to see you there!
Any questions, comments, concerns? Please contact the CPMA Parent Foundation
 The CPMA Parent Foundation was able to donate money towards new PE Sports Equipment for CPMA students to enjoy during class and during lunch! 
The new PE Equipment.  
PE Sports Equipment 2  
What a fantastic night! Thanks to everyone who came out, we raised over $6,000 that all goes directly to supporting CPMA! We hope to see you next year!

Sponsorship Requests or Proposals
Theover the course of the school year, the CPMA Middle School and theFoundation work together to raise funds to support the school andstudent body with items and events not included in the school budget.In the past, the Foundation has provided funds to help with: open housedinners, refreshments, disaster kits, Family Focus Nights (i.e., Math,Science, English, etc.), etc.
Ifyou would like the Foundation’s help to sponsor a CPMA Middle Schoolprogram, group, event or initiative, please download, fill out andemail the “Funds Request” form to the Foundation President fordistribution and consideration before the next Foundation meeting.Please plan to attend the next Foundation meeting to represent thisrequest and address any questions. If you’re not able to attend thenext meeting, please let the Foundation President know and recommend analternate that can attend in your place.

Forreimbursement for Foundation approved expenses, download, fill out andreturn the “Receipt Remittance Form”. Please present the form to theFoundation Treasurer at the beginning of the next Foundation meeting.

Funds Verification & Acceptance
Thisform is mainly used by Foundation members and fund raisers providingfunds to the Foundation Treasurer for deposit. In preparation forturning funds into the Foundation Treasurer, please download and fillout the “Funds Verification & Acceptance Form” and present it andthe funds to the Foundation Treasurer at the beginning of the nextFoundation meeting.

Note:Presenting these forms to the Treasurer at the beginning of eachFoundation meeting usually allows enough time for them to be reportedduring the meeting and properly recorded in that meetings minutes. SeeFoundation page and calendar for details on meeting dates and locations.