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School Site Council (SSC)

The SSC is an elected decision-making group comprised of parents, community members, site administrators, teachers and other staff. At the secondary level, students are included. The SSC has an ongoing responsibility to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the site plan. The SSC also oversees all the categorical funds such as Title I, Second Language and GATE. All schools are required to have an SSC. 

2014-2015 SSC

Congratulations to our newly nominated Parent Representatives on the School Site Council:

Angela Morris
Ruben Ibarra
Veronica Perales
Rocio Gutierrez 
Valencia Park Elementary's School Site Council:
Ms. Moore                Principal
Mr. Ortega               Teacher
Ms. Hedgren             Teacher
Ms. McKenna           Elementary School Assistant
Ms. Bader                Teacher
Christina Hudson     Parent
Angela Morris           Parent
Veronica Perales       Parent
Rocio Gutierrez        Parent 
Ruben Ibarra           Parent