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School Rules!

Freese’s Formula for Success

Parents are asked to teach and encourage Freese students to behave appropriately in school. Good behavior is critical to a positive learning environment.

What Freese School Expects of Students

Students of Freese, like members of any community, have both rights and responsibilities. It is the job of the school to protect these rights and insist upon students fulfilling these responsibilities. By all members of the Freese community understanding and implementing these rights and responsibilities, learning and student achievement will be stronger and better every day. Here are expectations for all in the Freese community. All classes will discuss further what each of these expectations mean and how to implement them:

EXPECTATION #1 - Respect yourself.

For example, take pride in your work, be honest, use appropriate language, take responsibility for your actions, ignore negative comments.

EXPECTATION #2 - Respect others.

For example, respect others' personal space and property, keep hands/feet to yourself, listen/wait for your turn, use physical/verbal self control.

EXPECTATION #3 - Respect learning.

For example, attend school daily, be on time and prepared to learn, participate in class, turn in completed class/home assignments, do your best in school work.

EXPECTATION #4 - Choose to do right.

For example, comply promptly, compromise when necessary, follow directions and rules, bring appropriate snacks, work cooperatively.


When a student does not respond to the discipline plan or to staff direction, a series of interventions will be used, which may include the following:

  • Warning from Freese staff member with directions and opportunity for self-correction
  • Student completion of a Freese Behavior Chart with a plan to behave appropriately
  • Time out in a different classroom along with completion of Freese Behavior Chart
  • Referral to Counselor
  • Referral to Principal

Cell Phones

Cell phone use is limited to before or after school. Cell phones must be kept out of sight and turned off during the instructional program, in classrooms and at lunch time. School officials may take the device away if it is being used during times not permitted.

Ipods, Digital Devices and Electronic Toys

Bring only school approved materials to school.  Teachers will inform students of approved school materials, as those items vary according to grade level.  Ipods, MP3 Players, Gameboys, PSP players, toys, games and digital devices are not allowed at school. Do not bring toys, games or digital devices to school. 

Zero Tolerance

Freese enforces the Zero Tolerance Policy of the San Diego Unified School District.  Zero Tolerance prohibits the possession and/or use of weapons of any kind on a school campus.  The policy includes any objects being used as a weapon as well as weapon facsimiles (e.g. toy guns, etc.)  Also, students who have been involved in repeated fighting may be subject to zero tolerance guidelines.

Bicycles and Other Wheels

Bike riding, scooter riding, skating, and skateboarding, are not allowed on school grounds at any time. Shoes with wheels are not allowed.  Grades 4-5 students may ride bikes to school.  You must wear a helmet and keep your bike locked in the bike rack.  Students riding bikes to campus must get off the bike and walk it at all times when on campus.


Sexual harassment in any form will not be tolerated.  If violations occur, disciplinary action will be taken.  Any discrimination on the basis of race, creed, national origin, sex, or handicap will not be tolerated.