Pacific Beach

Middle School

An International Baccalaureate World School

Kudos to PB Middle Staff!

A warm thank you and kudos to Mrs. Belasco. She has been appointed to coordinate teaching and learning of life-skills for the district.
Congrats to Dennis Gildehaus, 2014
PB Middle Educator of the Year. His dedication to the students extend far beyond the school day. In addition to meeting both regional and international educational standards for grades 6-8th, he organizes trainings for educators, intra and inter-mural athletics for middle-school teens and coaches after school leagues. Mr. G. also takes on many professional challenges and each year he and his department welcome interns from Switzerland and Denmark that come to PB Middle to learn from the best. 
Did you know May 17 is Karla Martinez in the City of San Diego? Thank you to our Councilperson, Kevin Faulconer for recognizing Karla's outstanding contribution to the children of San Diego, to PB Middle, to the International Baccalaureate Organization, and to all of the educators who come to PB Middle from around the world or enroll in Karla's IB trainings.
Congrats to Amy Weinheimer
PB Middle Educator of the Year 2013 for her innovative curriculum, collaborative spirit and for modeling lifelong learning. Whether her students are evaluating their structures on her self-made shake table or designing solar ovens for their final assessment, her students are engaged and working hard to master the Science standards and the IB Design Cycle. Her creative curriculum has been a model for other IB teachers and she's a popular stop on the IB parent tour. Thank you Amy for all you do for our students and our profession.
Cowabunga to Principal Remillard, who was awarded the 2013 Teacher Training Award by the California Association of IB World Schools. Way to go. 

Educators never truly retire…Our former principal, Dr. Julie Martel has now been named our new Area Superintendent.
Congrats to Mrs. Knight, named the new IB Coordinator for Jefferson, Birney, and McKinley Elementary IB World Schools.
Glad to have you back.Congrats to Carren Lindsay-Dial who completed the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) Academy in Detroit, MI. The IB Academy is open to IB educators who apply each year from all over North America. It is a very competitive process. While all of our teachers are IB trained, only a few out of the nation are selected to become official IB volunteers trained at an IB Academy. Our school will be one of the few Middle Years Programme World Schools to have five IB Academy trained educators on staff. Following Academy training, IB volunteers are qualified to evaluate, authorize, and consult with other IB schools, as well as lead IB teacher trainings throughout North America. Thank you for volunteering your time to our IB world-wide family and bringing great ideas back to benefit our students and community.
Congrats to Karla Martinez, IB Middle Years Educator of the Year for California IB. Our dedicated physical educator earned the prestigiousNational Board Certification as well as being accepted into the IB Academy training. Karla spends her summers training physical educatorsand new IB educators, in addition she helps authorize, evaluate andconsult with aspiring IB schools.

Wow! Another award is bestowed to our dedicated Physical Education Department. Dennis Gildehaus has been named California Middle School Coach of the Year. In addition to being an outstanding physical educator, he also coordinates, promotes and leads intra and inter-mural sports leagues for our students. His dedication is unsurpassed and we are so happy he's been recognized for his time and efforts at our school and beyond.
PB Middle educator and alumna Carren Lindsay-Dial has earned the IB Educator of the Year for Middle Years Programme IB World Schools by the California Association of IB World Schools. Thank you Carren for leading our students to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors around the globe through your collaboration on the "Invisible Children" child labor unit.

PB Middle also hosts another California Association of IB World Schools Educator of the Year, Dan Sloan. He is not only dedicated, but also a very reflective educator. He always asks himself and colleagues about important questions about teaching and learning in the mathematics classroom and inspires students with his positivity and student-centered curriculum. His students report that his teaching is challenging, engaging, and relevant as he strives to connect mathematical concepts with real-world application and make connections to other subject areas.
Congrats to Kyle Ketchum, voted Pacific Beach Middle IB World School Teacher of the Year by his peers. His classroom is child-centered and communication-based. Students are encouraged to communicate and take-risks by leading the class, comparing and demonstrating mathematical concepts, and to apply mathematics to solve real-life problems. For example: students learn about balancing equations and consider how to apply the concept to create more harmony and balance in their own lives and their own busy teen schedules.


Thank you to Larissa Buckel, Pacific Beach Middle mathematics educator. Her nomination helped earn state-wide recognition for her student, Hannah Bloom, who was named Outstanding IB Middle Years Student for California. Thank you Mrs. Buckel for going above and beyond for your student.