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MYP Physical and Health Education is concerned with more than just participating in sports and games. Its primary aims are to encourage the development of "intelligent performers" and to encourage students to understand the importance of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Throughout the middle school program, students are encouraged to develop knowledge, critical thinking and reflection skills, and a sense of responsibility as well as interpersonal and self-motivation skills. This in turn encourages choices that will contribute to long-term healthy living.

Physical education will bring the unique perspective of learning through the physical, which can greatly contribute to students' approaches to learning (ATL) skills, and is transferable to other subject groups.

The learning and development associated with physical education should contribute the students developing the qualities of the IB learner profile and engaging with the fundamental concepts of the MYP--holistic learning, intercultural awareness and communication.

Physical and Health Education Objectives:

Use of knowledge

Movement composition


Social skills and personal engagement


Transition to Common Core in Physical and Health Education   

New standards, called Common Core State Standards, are on the way. They are designed  for all students in California, beginning in the 2014-2015 school year. For physical education these overarching standards set high expectations for all students in the areas of technical reading, writing, listening and speaking. They are rigorous and internationally bench-marked; research-and evidence-based; aligned with college and career expectations; and they build on the foundation of physical education skills standards outlined in each state. These standards also support the IB philosophy that all teachers are language teachers that teach and assess a variety of verbal and non-verbal communication, research, and thinking skills.


Academic standards are important because they help insure all students are prepared for success in the classroom, college, career and home. Standards set clear & consistent expectations for students, parents & teachers. These Common Core State Standards along with the California Standards for Physical Education will help build your child’s knowledge& skills & help set high goals for all.


英语语言能力(The Common Core State Standards)包含英语语言艺术,历史文学,社会研究和自然与科学四大领域。而各领域共同标准皆包含四个部分:听,说,读和写。这些语言能力强调了基本核心概念-能够利用语言沟通,进行沟通时我们会注意到:人与人之间的互动(包含听说读写四项技能),能够说明解释想法(听读两项技能)和最终呈现于他人(说和写两项技能)。除了听说读写,完善的语言能力也包含文化交流,母语和目的语的连接及比较,以及多元的社会关系。透过这些标准,我们期望学生可以与世界接轨,并为自己的大学,甚至是未来的生涯做好准备。