[Copy from the "Description" section of the School Budget Summary (linked on the old district pages for each school): See our School Handbook.

Unclaimed Funds 2012

NOTICE OF PROPOSED DISPOSITION OF UNCLAIMED MONEY NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the San Diego Unified School District (hereinafter referred to as “District”) that the District has in its custody, and has had in its custody for more than three years preceding the publication of this notice, the below listed sums of money originally due and owing to the corresponding identified person(s)/entity. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the below listed sums of money will become the property of the District on July 17, 2012 unless a claim for such money is presented to the District by the person(s)/entity lawfully entitled to such money. Any such claim must be in writing and must be submitted to Fiscal Control, 4100 Normal Street, Room 3251, San Diego, California, 92103. Any such claim must be submitted before July 17, 2012. The above-referenced monies, original owners, and fund in which such monies are held are as follows:

Amount Name Fund
$63.00 Brian Daly DDS MD Group Dental
$21.00 Chris Arnesen Group Dental
$385.00 Corene Poelman DDS Group Dental
$115.00 D Douglas Cassat DDS Group Dental
$260.00 David W McReynolds DDS Group Dental
$350.00 Drs Brunson Smith and Coh Group Dental
$220.00 Drs Lilian & Rafael Infan Group Dental
$110.00 Edward T Reidy DDS Group Dental
$950.00 Elliot R Rosen DMD Group Dental
$325.50 Erich S Schmidt DDS Group Dental
$549.00 Hamid Kheradmandnia DDS Group Dental
$87.00 Hector Gomez DDS Group Dental
$37.00 Integrative Dental Group Dental
$540.00 James B Munce DDS Group Dental
$20.30 Janet Todd Johnson DDS Group Dental
$24.50 Jeffrey H Lind DMD Group Dental
$30.10 Jennifer Tanner-Freeman Group Dental
$66.50 Jo Anne Miller Group Dental
$35.00 Joan Lengyel Group Dental
$112.00 John W Bradford DDS Group Dental
$454.30 John W Masters DDS Inc Group Dental
$72.80 Katherine Kuczon Group Dental
$66.50 Kathryn Stoklosa Group Dental
$235.00 Kenneth A Storum DDS Group Dental
$314.80 Lance Rygg Dental Corp Group Dental