K-8 School

And Infant Toddler Program


Principal Jean Freeman Principal Freeman

Welcome to Audubon K-8 School! As the principal, I am proud to be part of a professional learning community committed to the academic success of each student. It is my honor and privilege to introduce you to the new Audubon K-8 School. Thank you for your continued support. Our school focuses on high academic standards in a positive atmosphere that will encourage the students to be life-long learners and exemplary members of society. In our hallways and in every class, it is our expectation that students will represent Audubon K-8 and themselves in the best possible light while committing themselves to excellent attendance and academic success. It takes a cooperative partnership for students to excel. When parents, teachers, and community members combine all our efforts, we will make a difference in the lives of the students ensuring they reach their highest potential.
Jean Freeman