Academy of Science and Research


Built in 1955, the school's appearance is pleasing and well groomed. Students feel proud of their school and contribute to its cleanliness.

Providing safe and well-maintained schools is a top priority for the school district. To ensure that all classrooms and facilities are maintained in a manner that supports instruction, a scheduled maintenance program is administered by the district.

To further support learning, a variety of learning areas, Science Labs, a Computer Lab, an Art Studio, a Library  and resource rooms are available.

Teachers have access to a centralized workroom, reading resource room, staff-development room, a multi-purpose media room, and a room for adaptive physical education.

Improvements are underway with funding from Proposition S. Additional work to be done is listed on the Propositions S Bond Projects page.

The school's location is convenient to Fairmont Avenue and Federal Blvd and Hyw. I-94 and I-805 freeways.