Academy of Science and Research

Webster Academy of Science and Research Magnet offers students a strong academic program enriched by an integrated science curriculum. Students complete in-depth, hands-on studies of animal species, chemical reactions and earth materials while simultaneously learning the necessary research skills – embedded with reading,writing, and math – critical to academic success.

To support our focus, Webster features specialized science and computer technology teachers, two fully equipped science labs, a computer research lab and class sets of laptop computers in grades 4-6. We also have an art lab and a designated P.E. teacher.

Webster was awarded the 2006 Title I Academic Achievement Award for significantly closing the achievement gap between high- and low-performing students, doubling API targets for two years in a row, meeting the designated API score in both English language arts and mathematics and exceeding AYP for two or more years.

We were nominated for a 2006 National Center for Urban School Transformation Excellence in Education Award and honored with an Urban League of San Diego Best Academic Practices Schools Award for having API scores in the top 20% of schools for African-American children. In fact, our African-American API has exceeded the District’s API for the same population at an accelerated rate.

Webster Elementary Academy of Science and Research is located in a quiet neighborhood of predominately owner-occupied, single-family homes on the northeast edge of Southeast San Diego. Over half of our students come from outside the neighborhood.

We have beautiful trees and colorful bushes inviting students to enjoy the environment with a good book or a writing notebook. Our staff and students demonstrate school pride by keeping the campus welcoming.

All students participate in the magnet program. Webster’s integrated science program features intensive studies in physical, earth and life sciences. Our two science labs offer hands-on, inquiry-based instruction with live specimens, chemicals, microscopes and dissecting equipment that motivate investigation and experimentation.

Instruction is geared to providing opportunities to discover and explore in order to develop deeper levels of understanding and knowledge in all content areas. Technology is an important tool in the transition from school to career. We incorporate technology into our school-wide curriculum.

Teachers engage in continuous professional learning and lead professional development at school. We encourage our students to develop a clear belief in self, the understanding that learning is an ongoing process and the ability to communicate effectively. We work with family and community members to produce strong and independent thinkers.

Parents and community members are encouraged to be involved as volunteers, members of committees, participate as guest readers and attend events. Our partners are the San Diego Natural History Museum, National City Home Town Buffet, Naval Fleet Training Center and Elementary Institute of Science.