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Sherman scienceCurriculum

The cohesive alignment of the following educational support components allow all students the opportunity to reach mastery levels in the previously mentioned 21st century skills.

Standards Based Education: The instructional program is based on California State Standards as well as the 21st Century interdisciplinary skills.

The program is designed to actively engage all students in reaching deep levels of understanding and allows for multiple measures of mastery.  Evaluation and Assessments: The use of standards based report cards will support a balance of student performance indicators, including high-quality state standardized testing along with effective district and school based assessments. These measures provide useful feedback to teachers, which they embed into their daily instructional plans

Innovative Curriculum & Instruction: The selected curriculum and methods for delivering instruction for the 21st Century Skills Program is designed to address student learning needs and prepare them with a strong foundation in core subject areas, technology and higher order thinking skills. The program also integrates community resources to extend student learning beyond the school walls.

On-going Professional Development: Teachers participate in a professional learning community that promotes collaboration and sharing of best practices and through a partnership with San Diego State University, helps them further develop their abilities to use various strategies to reach diverse students and to create environments that support differentiated teaching and learning.

Nurturing Learning Environments: A collaborative approach where families, staff and outside resources work as a cohesive community to educate and nurture all students as individuals through a rigorous instructional program, introducing them to cultural and international diversity, bridging their learning to real life experiences and building their intrinsic core values.

The Sherman community will assume the responsibility for each student’s learning, because the success of the student will lead to the success of the overall community.  

Course of Study

Our school's general education curriculum is based on the district's Course of Study, K-12 Opens in new window.. In addition to meeting a legal requirement, the Course of Study provides information about the district’s educational programs and approved instructional materials. It also outlines state and district requirements, district cross-curricular programs, special education programs, student assessment, and more.


School and district policies require homework and outside reading on a regular basis. Each teacher has a homework policy that meets these requirements. Your child will bring home a copy of the policy for his or her classroom during the first few weeks of school.