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Kendra Madden 
Phone number: (619) 525-2000

Welcome to Ms. Madden's English Courses Class Pages!  I teach 10th Grade World Literature Advanced and 12th Grade AP English Literature at  San Diego Early/Middle College.  I have been teaching at SDEMC since 2009, after choosing to leave the comprehensive high school setting for a progressive option that I felt better served students.  I have never looked back!  

My English courses focus on building Critical Thinking skills in addition to reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.  My students engage in challenging work- reading and analyzing complex texts and producing unique projects and written assignments as evidence of their learning.  In addition to building stronger language arts skills, we also build a community of writers and thinkers.  We learn to share our ideas and respect the perspectives and opinions of others.



Kendra Madden