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Greetings from Ms. Mzube!

D. Zenani Mzube Welcome to the course pages for Freshman English, AP Language & Composition, and Freshman AVID. While these courses differ according to content,  they are all designed to facilitate the interconnectedness of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking. As an educator, I believe that it is not only critical that we prepare students to become college-ready, but world-ready. Per SDEMC's theme of Social Justice, it is my endeavor to create a learning space that  moves young people to question, problem-solve, collaborate, and strive toward social consciousness. The pursuit of education is useless without these components. These four years in high school should afford students the experiences needed to mature and practice building this foundation, and I feel privileged to be a part of our students' respective journeys! 

While I am always willing to meet students where they are, it is my expectation that students take responsibility for both their academic learning and their behavior. This means contributing to a classroom climate that  is safe for all students to take intellectual risks, completing homework on time, attending tutoring when suggested or required, forming positive cohorts with peers, developing resilience, initiating and extending learning opportunities, and reflecting regularly upon their academic and personal identities.  In turn, I will work diligently to facilitate courses that help students to extend their thinking, as well as improve their collaboration skills through projects, study groups, and team-building exercises that prove both equitable and engaging.
I look forward to a wonderful year with our Juniors and Freshmen! 
d. Zenani Mzube
(619) 525-2000