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Early/Middle College

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Our school is one of 28 early college high schools that are a part of the Foundation for California Community Colleges' Early College High School Initiative, funded in part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

We Are Going Places


This is high school like you've never seen it before.

What do we offer? Our innovative San Diego Early/Middle College offers you the chance to earn a high school diploma and a year of college credit in just four years -- free.

Plus, our students can really get ahead by earning a high school diploma and up to one year of college credit in four years. Imagine the jump-start you'll get on life. And, because of our accelerated program, you can earn up to two years of college credit and an Associates Degree through a fifth year of study.

Who does our school serve? Every high school student who wants a challenge! Our program enrolls students looking for a challenging and non-traditional education. We help our students bridge the divide between high school and college, making higher education more accessible and affordable. We're ideal for students whose parents who are not college graduates, because our goal is to make them the first generation with a college diploma in their family.

Check out the Early/Middle College Advantage

  • An innovative school situated on a college campus, offering diversity unlike any other school in San Diego.
  • Small classes that provide individualized attention and intense academic and social support.
  • Earn college units at no cost, saving on college tuition, supplies and textbooks.
  • Technology filled classrooms

What do our students study?

All students take both high school and college courses.In the 9th and 10th grade, you'll be taught by San Diego Unified School credentialed teachers and given extensive support to prepare for college-level courses. In 11th and 12th grade, upperclassmen move up to a combination of high school and college classes while still getting extra academic support.

Who should apply?

Any student who wants to succeed. For more information, contact Early/Middle College at (619) 525-2000, or the San Diego Unified Enrollment Options office at (619) 725-5672.
San Diego Early Middle College
Where possibilities begin!
(619) 525-2000

Download an application (PDF).