Paradise Hills


Welcome Parents, Guardians and Families

Kids with math

We welcome our students' parents, families and guardians to join us in preparing today’s students to take charge of America’s future.

We recognize that raising children is a team effort, and that students benefit from an educational team involving our schools and you.

Research shows that the more parents get involved in their child’s education, the higher level of success that student can achieve. Parent engagement is potent as rocket fuel, and with it, there’s no telling how high your child can soar.

What’s the best way to get involved? Paradise Hills has a great  PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) to help organize field trips, carnivals and events to make school more fun. We have many opportunities for parents to get involved as well on our ELAC (English Learner Advisory Committee) and the School Site Council.

Another great resource is the district’s Parent Outreach and Engagement Department offers programs and resources in the most effective ways to help your child academically.

Our schools welcome families, guardians and community members in hundreds of ways to pitch in, often with seemingly small tasks that can have far-reaching results. You can join parent-teacher associations, chaperone field trips, run a booth at a school carnival or read Dr. Seuss to primary students. Students benefit when professionals come speak at career fairs, and offer them challenging internships. You make an impact by joining any one of the district’s many advisory committees and councils, and help shape policy on everything from legislation to athletics.

Our district is committed to involving student families and the community, and fulfilling the parent involvement obligations under federal and state law. We’ve made it official policy, to establish effective partnerships at every level in the educational process -- from our classrooms, to company boardrooms, to family living rooms.