Paradise Hills


About Paradise Hills

Since the end of World War II, our school has been educating San Diegans in the southern reaches of the city.

Ours is a community school that draws students from all over the district. We sit in the heart of an older and established tree-lined community of Paradise Hills. We are a wonderfully diverse school with a mix of races, ethnicities, and languages. Our experienced faculty is invested in our school, most of our teachers have been educating students here for more than 20 years. They have roots in our school community and our larger community as well.

We have undergone a transformation from a large K-6 to a smaller K-5 local neighborhood school, giving us more opportunity to focus on each and every student. We continue to be a community anchor and gathering place where teachers and parents work collaboratively to provide high-quality education, as evidenced by the consistent rise in test scores.

Our district has provided our school with the latest in educational technology.  By the Spring of 2014, all of our classrooms will be i21 classrooms that have Promethean boards, netbooks and or iPads for students to extend their learning through computers.  Thanks to investment from San Diego's voters, we have been able to offer even more technology and opportunities to our students. We are proud of our computer classroom, modern library and teacher development room, all built with funds from the voter-approved school construction bonds. Paradise Hills has made a significant investment in technology and science education. Our computer lab features Apple Macintosh computers and Lenovo netbooks. All students leave Paradise Hills fully computer literate.

Aiding our science curriculum is our school garden, with a plot for every classroom to integrate into the science education -- even kindergarteners learn about life cycles and plant biology! Plus, the garden gives kids a chance to get outside and get dirty!

We also provide a strong emphasis in the arts, with teachers getting training from Artists in Residence and we have a teacher artist on site to provide theater and dance instruction to students.  A wise educator once said, "One of the things we leave out of schools too often is art. Kids need that freedom of expression. They need to want to come to school, and that's where art is important."

Put it all together, and you'll see our campus is a showcase. Even the grounds have added opportunities for our students, with an upgraded lunch area, upgraded playground,  plus a fitness course funded by the San Diego Chargers. Our electronic marquee keeps the community updated on all the latest news from Paradise Hills Elementary.

Our success has won our school recognition, including national recognition from the federal government: Paradise Hills is a 2006-07 Title 1 Achievement Award School.  Paradise Hills is also a California Business for Education Excellence Honor Roll recipient for 2010 and 2012. Come see Paradise Hills in action!