About Lafayette

Lafayette Elementary School is located in Clairemont. Opened in 1966, our school was designed and built for general education students and the District's DHH program.

Students range from 18 months old to 5th graders. Our location allows convenient access to Olive Grove Community Park, local library and fire station and other community resources that support learning. The campus is well maintained by the District, and our community takes pride in the school’s appearance.

We provide a rigorous, standards-based instructional program, responsive to individual learning styles. To meet the needs of our very diverse population, we offer special day classes for DHH students, "push-in" support for students who receive Special Education services in a general education setting and specially designed academic instruction for English Learners. GATE is offered to all qualified general and special education students.

Lafayette Supports Healthy Choices

Did you know about 5 - 2- 1- 0?
-Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables
-Spend 2 hours or less playing video games and watching TV
-Spend 1 hour or more engaged in physical activity
-Drink 0 sugary drinks

-Send healthy snacks and lunches to school.
-Do not send treats to school for students to share.
-Snacks and treats will not be provided by school staff.

Thanks for supporting 5-2-1-0!