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    Posted by COL Swann at 12/17/2014


    When you come back from Winter Break on Monday Jan 5, 2015 we will suit up for PE! Then on Friday Jan 9, 2015 we will wear our cadet uniforms for PICTURE DAY!

    REMEMBER - MON JAN 5, 2015 is PE
                            - FRI JAN 9 is PICTURE DAY (WEAR YOUR UNIFORM!)
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  • Kearny Spring Leadership Camp - 27-30 March 2015

    Posted by COL Swann at 12/14/2014

    Kearny Spring Leadership Camp will be held 27-30 March 2015 at Mataguay Scout Ranch. This is a fun event that will include camping in tents, bonfires, hiking, fist aide skills, CPR, and adventure training! Cadets that return for the second semester have priority of attendance. First semester cadets can apply now. If you currently do not have JROTC for second semester, contact your small school office to schedule JROTC. Remember we have 0 and 5th period available for cadets that cannot take JROTC periods 1-4. If you would like to attend Spring Leadership Camp, fill out the application and return to COL Swann by the 9th of January 2015!

    Click HERE for the application!

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  • Report Time for BDI, Best Squad/Platoon & Color Guard Competition on Saturday

    Posted by c/CPT Lucio at 12/11/2014

    The report time at Kearny High School for our competition is 0600 on Saturday morning. Please, please, please be on time! We need to get ready and have a couple practice runs before our bus pick at 0830. Male cadets, make sure your SHAVE Saturday morning before coming to Kearny. Female cadets, please come to Kearny with your hair already done per regulation. This will allow us maximum time to get our uniforms ready and to practice!


    See all of you Saturday morning!
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  • Field Trip to San Pasqual State Park - Sunday December 7, 2014!

    Posted by c/LTC Gomez at 11/20/2014

    This is your Battalion Commander,

                The San Pasqual Battlefield Reenactment is coming up on Sunday, December 7th. We will only be taking about fifty cadets so the requirements to attend the San Pasqual Reenactment is to have at least a 2.0, no non-suits, and be passing your ROTC class with a “B” or higher. You must sign up on the Monday after Thanksgiving break. You will find the sign-in sheet on the ROTC bulletin board and Tuesday Colonel Swann will announce who will be going.


    -Battalion Commander c/LTC Kassandra Gomez

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  • Updated JROTC Promotion Rubric!

    Posted by COL Swann at 11/15/2014
    Cadets - Please review the updated JROTC Promotion Rubric under the Rubrics TAB. Remember to check the Promotion Schedule as we have promotion boards and BNCOC and ANCOC classes in December!
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  • Cadet Challenge Begins Next Week!

    Posted by Tim Swann at 11/13/2014
    We will begin our Cadet Challenge next Tuesday! Make sure you check the Training and Event Calendar. Next week we will suit up for PE Tuesday-Friday in order to complete our Cadet Challenge for the first semester! Do your best as there are awards for cadets with high scores. Also the Company (Period) with the highest average score will win the CADET CHALLENGE streamer for their guidon!
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  • No Homework for Wednesday Night

    Posted by COL Swann at 11/5/2014
    In order for you to continue to work on your Cadet Portfolio, there will not be homework due Wednesday night. Use this time to work on your Cadet Portfolio. Remember, your Portfolio is due on December 19th and we will NOT accept late portfolios. Use the time we give you to get yours done!
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  • Second Quarter Begins November 3rd, 2014

    Posted by COL Swann at 11/1/2014
    Our second quarter begins on Monday November 3rd! Remember to wear your cadet uniform on Monday to start your quarter off right. It is a 53 point assignment! Also there is no homework due this Monday. On Tuesday, we will begin work on our Cadet Portfolios. Please take the time to check the Cadet Portfolio Tab on the website to become familiar with constructing your Cadet Portfolio. This is a 100 point assignment!
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  • Final Exam for the 1st Quarter!

    Posted by COL Swann at 10/26/2014
    The First Quarter Final for all cadets is now available on My Big Campus. You must complete the exam by 11:59PM Wednesday, October 29th to receive credit. Remember this is a 100 point assignment so do your best!
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  • Promotion Board Schedule for SY 14-15

    Posted by COL Swann at 10/26/2014


    SCHOOL YEAR 2014/2015


    15 Dec 1412 Jan 15

    9 Mar 15

    27 Apr 15 (BN & BDE Staff Application Boards)

    6 May 15 (Joint BDE Staff Selection Board)

    18 May 15



    (SGT to SSG, SFC to MSG)


    17 Non 14

    15 Dec14

    12 Jan 15

    9 Feb 15

    16 Mar 15

    13 Apr 15

    12 May 15

    1 Jun 15



    Online course Starts on first date for three weeks – You must register with COL Swann by Friday the week before the course begins. BNCOC is for CPL to SGT and ANCOC for SSG to SFC


    1 Dec 14, Resident Phase 20 Dec 14

    5 Jan 15, Resident Phase 24 Jan 15

    9 Feb 15, Resident Phase 28 Feb 15

    2 Mar 15, Resident Phase 21 Mar 15

    6 Apr 15, Resident Phase 25 Apr 15

    11 May 15, Resident Phase 30 May 15


    All boards are held on Mondays and begin at 1545.

    All promotion packets for SSG and MSG must be turned-in to the BN S1 no later than the Thursday prior to the board date to be considered for promotion!

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