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  • JROTC Cadet Picnic is Saturday October 18th! Buy your ticket today!

    Posted by COL Swann at 9/17/2014

    Annually                        All cadets enrolled in Kearny Army JROTC are welcomed to participate in the San Diego Unified School District Cadet Picnic. This event offers cadets the opportunity to meet cadets from other schools, compete in sport competitions and enjoy a lunch with their fellow cadets. Information on this year’s picnic is as follows:


    a.       Date: Saturday October 18, 2014

    b.      Location: Admiral Baker Park, Mission Valley

    c.       Time : 7:30am to 4pm

    d.      Bus Departure time: 8:15am from Kearny HS

    e.       Bus Returning time: 4pm

    f.       Attire: Cadets must wear the Kearny JROTC t-shirt with black shorts.

    g.      Cost: $15 covers meal, transportation, Cadet Club membership and cadet club ribbon award.

    h.      Payment: Cadet will pay their $15 to the Financial Office and take their receipt to COL Swann to record their payment

    i.        Deadline: Payment MUST be made to the financial office by October 8th 2014.


         All of the JROTC instructors from all of San Diego Unified JROTC attend this event to ensure supervision and the safety of our cadets. Also, cadets that attend become Cadet Club members and will save $5 on their Cadet Ball tickets this spring.

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  • New Archery Practice Hours!

    Posted by SFC Poynter at 9/16/2014

    The following is the current Archery practice schedule for school year 2014-2015


    Monday-Friday morning practice   (0700-0830), NASP Varsity Team members

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoon practice for OAS Varsity Recurve Team members (3:30-4:30)

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday mid-day, (11:30-12:30) NASP 1st year archery team members

    Tuesday & Thursday afternoon practice (3:30-4:30) NASP all archery team members

    Available morning practice for 1st year archery team members will be determined based on the number of open shooting positions not occupied by a varsity team member.


    OAS – Olympic Archery in the Schools

    NASP – National Archery in the Schools Program

    All dates and times for matches and competitions will be made available for parents and team members to plan accordingly.

    OAS team is a traveling team. We will host competitions here at Kearny during the OAS season and the dates will be posted the beginning of each week as well as the location of the match.

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  • Aviation Camp 11-15 August is Cancelled

    Posted by COL Swann at 8/8/2014
     The August 11-15 Aviation Camp has been cancelled. We will resume aviation training when the Fall Semester begins.
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  • Sign Up for the Summer Aviation Camp 11-15 August!

    Posted by Tim Swann at 6/17/2014
    Please email COL Swann at if you want to attend the Summer Aviation Camp at Kearny High School. We are accepting application from Kearny High School JROTC Cadets and incoming 9th grade students that will take JROTC in the Fall. The camp consists of classrom ground school instruction along with flight time in our simulators. All instruction is taught by current or retired military aviators! Apply today, first come first served!
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  • Battalion Staff and Team Commander Selection Board - Apply by April 25, 2014

    Posted by COL Swann at 4/21/2014
    The Battalion Staff and Officer Selection Board is April 28, 2014. The following positions are available:
    Command Group
    BN CDR - c/LTC
    BN XO - c/MAJ
    BN CSM - c/CSM
    Current Ops
    BN S2 - c/CPT
    Sr Intel SGT - c/SFC
    BN S3 - c/MAJ
    Asst S3 - c/CPT
    LNO - c/LT
    OPS SGM - c/SGM
    Asst Opns SGT - c/SFC
    Asst Opns SGT - c/SSG
    BN S1 - c/CPT
    Sr Human Res SGT - c/SFC
    Human Re SGT - c/SSG
    BN S-4 - c/CPT
    Sr Supply NCO - c/SFC
    Supply SGT - c/SSG
    BN S-5 - c/CPT
    PAO SGT - c/SFC
    PAO SGT - c/SSG
    Also, all of the Team Commanders for next year.
    So as you can see there are plenty of opportunities to serve on the Battalion Staff and for positions to earn rank in. Being selected does not mean you are appointed to that rank. It means you are eligible to go before promotion boards to achieve that rank. Turn in your Application to COL Swann NLT April 25, 2014.  Apply today!
    Click here for the Battalion Staff and Team Commander Application Form.
    All current cadet officers and NCOs Staff Sergeant and above will apply for a position or risk being demoted based on the number of ranks versus the number of available positions.
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  • Cadet Portfolios Due March 13, 2014

    Posted by COL Swann at 3/7/2014
    A friendly reminder....
    Your Cadet Portfolio is due on March 13, 2014! We will not accept a late Portfolio. This is a major portion of your grade for this quarter. So do your best and turn your Portfolio in on time! 
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  • February PODCAST now available!

    Posted by c/2LT Solchaga at 3/7/2014
    The new February PODCAST is now available for viewing in the Podcast TAB!  Enjoy!
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  • Komet Battalion JROTC Royalty

    Posted by COL Swann at 2/23/2014
    Yes, the votes are in!
    This year the Royal Court for the Komet Battalion at Cadet Ball will be......
    QUEEN: Irene Hernandez
    1st Attendant: Lily Bell
    2nd Attendant: Angelica Sanchez
    Congratulations to our Royal Court! 
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  • Uniform Wear - STAFF ONLY! on Tuesday February 18, 2014

    Posted by COL Swann at 2/14/2014
    Only Primary and Assistant Staff members wear their uniforms on Tuesday for Staff pictures!
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  • CSM BOARD - Tuesday February 11th @ 1545

    Posted by 1SG Soberanis at 2/6/2014
    If you are interested in becoming the next Command Sergeant Major for the remainder of this school year, please come to the CSM Selection Board (in uniform if you have been issued one) on February 11, 2014 at 1545. Please type a one page essay for the board to consider on why you should be the next CSM. Open to all cadets with the rank of SGT and above. If for some reason you cannot make it that day, coordinate with 1SG Soberanis or SFC Poynter with the reason and to make alternate arrangements. See you at the CSM Board!
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