Course of Study

Our school's general education curriculum is based on the district's Course of Study, K-12 Opens in new window.. In addition to meeting a legal requirement, the Course of Study provides information about the district’s educational programs and approved instructional materials. It also outlines state and district requirements, district cross-curricular programs, special education programs, student assessment, and more.


Horton Elementary has a school wide policy that matches thehomework policy of the district. Homework is assigned to help students improve their study skills, learnto work independently, and become more self-reliant.  Students receive homework daily/weekly.  Assignments include reading, math, andwritten work.  The following arethe minimum guidelines for the various grade levels:

K-2   20 minutes

3-5   60 minutes

Parents are expected to supervise completion of homeworkdaily, show interest in the assignment, provide proper conditions for homestudy, and help make sure the homework gets to school.


It is the responsibility of the students to complete thehomework.  We ask that the parentsee that the homework is completed, signed if asked, and returned to theteacher daily/weekly.

Textbooks and Instructional Materials

The district adopts textbooks and instructional materials based on the implementation cycle established by the state. It provides a sufficient number of standards-aligned textbooks and other instructional materials for all students in the subject areas of English language arts, health, history–social studies, mathematics, and science. Horton teachers provide standards based instruction using these adopted materials. Some supplemental materials are also adopted by the state and are use with our students, based on their needs.
Instructional Materials used at HORTON and their Textbook Adoption Year:
English Language Arts K–6 A Legacy of Literacy, Houghton Mifflin 2002–03
Health K–5 Harcourt Health and Fitness, Harcourt School Publishers 2006–07
History–Social Science K–5 California Reflections, Harcourt School Publishers 2007–08
Mathematics K–5 Envision Math, Scott Foresman, Pearson, 2010
Science K–5 Full Option Science System (FOSS), Delta Education 2008–09