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2012 - 2013 

Hoover's summer Academic Decathlon program (the Renaissance Program) runs from June 18, 2012 through August 3, 2012, Monday through Friday from 8-12pm.  It is a training program for Hoover's US Academic Decathlon team, though any interested and committed student is welcome.  Each week a different topic of the Decathlon is covered.  This year we have Hoover's number one ranked Senior, Junior and Sophomore in the program, as well as the Senior class President-elect.  Because the Decathlon requires students of varying GPA's we have students of varying levels of academic achievement.
 Hoover Renaissance Program
What is the Hoover Renaissance Program?

The Hoover Renaissance Program is a non-credit academic enrichment program for highly motivated students of high school age.   Students participating in the program will spend seven weeks on the Hoover High campus during the summer studying materials developed by the United States Academic Decathlon.  Each week, one of the seven subjects contested in the Academic Decathlon will be featured. 

The subjects covered will be: 
  1.    Literature
  2.    Social Science
  3.    Science
  4.    Economics
  5.    Art
  6.    Music
  7.    Speech

By building knowledge of these subjects, students will form the basis to complete a thorough preparation for the Academic Decathlon during the school year.  In addition, Hoover Renaissance will provide students with many benefits critical to success in high school and in higher education.

College-Level Literacy Skills: 
Hoover Renaissance will provide highly motivated students with the opportunity to develop college-level literacy skills in an environment that is fun and free from the pressure of grades.  Students will study from official US Academic Decathlon materials, which are written at the college level.  Students will develop the ability to master the academic English contained in these materials.  Hoover Renaissance is a great enrichment program for high-achieving English language learners, as well as native speakers of English.
Advanced Study Skills: 
Hoover Renaissance will teach advanced study skills.  Students will use a variety of memory techniques to comprehend material quickly.  Students will learn to study a limited, well-defined amount of material followed by review and assessments.  Hoover Renaissance is a non-credit course, so engaging games and active competitions will replace traditional tests as a way for students to assess how well they have learned the material.  Feedback, results, and awards will be given on a daily, weekly, and course-long basis.  

Expand Your Vocabulary by 1,000 Words
If the SAT is in your future, you will be tested on your vocabulary.  During the Renaissance program, you will learn 1,000 new vocabulary words, which will serve to strengthen your English language skills.

Connections with High-Achievers: 
One of the most important ingredients in academic success is for students to interact with other high-achievers.  Hoover Renaissance will give students of high motivation a place to connect with other like-minded students.

Preparation for Academic Competitions:
Hoover began its Academic Competitions Program during the 2010-2011 school year. Hoover competed in both the US Academic Decathlon and the San Diego County Academic League. Hoover’s Academic Competition teams performed admirably in their first two years and sported a roster that included five of Hoover’s top 10 graduating Seniors, including Hoover’s Valedictorian (ranked first in the Senior class) and Salutatorian (ranked second in the Senior class). The Academic Competitions program gives Hoover students the opportunity to bring out the best of their own talents by competing against the best students from other high schools.

Who are we looking for?
Hoover Renaissance is seeking highly motivated students who are currently enrolled at Hoover or incoming students who will be enrolled at Hoover in the 2012-2013 school year. We welcome any student of high motivation,
regardless of grade point average

Contact  Mr. Jeff Mellinger - Room 1303

Hoover Renaissance Program

Develop college-level literacy skills

Learn advanced study skills

Learn 1,000 new vocabulary words

Develop speaking skills

Become a member of Hoover’s US Academic Decathlon team

Meet other high achieving students and make friends

Have fun and win prizes while you learn