Ellen Browning Scripps

Elementary School


Scripps loves volunteers, who are an essential part of our school program.
The Academic Fundraising Partnership (AFP) coordinates many opportunities to volunteer at E.B. Scripps. Sign up at the annual Principal’s Orientation or on the first day of school in the multipurpose room. You can also become a volunteer by contacting the AFP, your child’s teacher, or by requesting information in the Parent-Community Room or school office. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in their child’s classroom, library/media center, Parent Patrol, Physical Education Program, extended-day enrichment programs or the school office. Parents can volunteer at a regularly scheduled time, assist with study trips and special events, or offer to complete a task at home.

Parent and community volunteers must complete an application and be cleared of tuberculosis (TB) before volunteering on our campus.
 According to state law, all staff and volunteers must have clearance from tuberculosis on record. The clearance is good for four years.
Our school district does not provide TB tests and clearances. Volunteers must secure this clearance on their own and provide documentation to the main office. Tests must be read in 48-72 hours. A positive test requires medical follow up; a positive test does not indicate TB disease, but only that you have been exposed to TB at some time.

TB test reports must include: date administered, date read, signature of provider, and mm reading.
Parent and community volunteers must sign in at the office and pick up a volunteer or visitor badge before entering the school. All volunteers must sign out each day in the book provided in the office.
To protect the confidentiality of our students, the following jobs are not given to volunteers:
  • Jobs that require access to office and student records.
  • Jobs that reveal information about student progress.
  • Jobs that take the student away from the supervision of a teacher.