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Research shows that student achievement soars when their parents are actively involved with their education. In fact, the most accurate indicator of student success is not tied to family income or social status, but family involvement that:
  • Creates a home environment that encourages learning.
  • Sets high but realistic achievement and career expectations.
  • Becomes involved in their child's education and in the community.
In addition to attending parent-teacher conferences and other special events, opportunities to get involved at your child’s school abound. A few examples include:
  • Mentoring
  • Classroom read alouds
  • Classroom assistance
  • Non-classroom assistance (field trips, media center, etc.)
  • Organization involvement (PTA, foundation, School Site Council, etc.)
  • Before-and after-school programs

Parent Outreach and Engagement

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Welcome to the Parent Outreach and Engagement Department. Here we focus completely on your student's success, and the incredible power you have -- as parents, guardians and families -- to help your child achieve that success.

We're here to help you be an even more involved parent... because  you are the most important person in your child's life - no matter what their age!

Research shows that one of the best tools for student success depends on family and community involvement in their education. Every child benefits from a strong partnership between home, community and school. It is a fact, and it works.
Teachers really want and need your help. As part of our family outreach for student success, we train faculty and staff in strengthening the vital school + parent partnership. We provide so many ways to get involved. We offer:

  • Free childcare at many of our programs
  • Free classes on parenting and on how to give kids effective academic support
  • No language barriers: All classes offered in multiple languages and/or with translation services
  • Homework help: Expert guidance on how to best help children academically at home
  • Solving transportation problems: To make it even easier to get involved, we take many of our programs on the road to local neighborhoods, including our popular mobile computer lab classes for parents
Come see why our Parent Outreach and Engagement Department serves as a national model. Meet our staff members who are expert at guiding parents, teachers, educators and community members in effective ways of getting involved.

After all, you. as parents, are your child's first teacher. With you getting involved, and our programs to guide you, imagine what heights your child can reach.


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Parent Outreach and Engagement

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