Dear Parents,       

            We are excited and honored to bring "Three Treasure Youth Mentorship Program" to Ericson Elementary School.  Our after-school enrichment program provides a safe environment where your students will be introduced to art, music and cultural programs that build character, spirit and self-esteem. Our program is centered on the belief that in order to truly achieve success, inner peace and clarity - one must learn how to think reflectively and build oneself up from the "inside-out".

            In addition to consulting educators and principals, we also implement Common Core standards into our programming. By using Common Core as a reference, we continue to make ourselves useful to the schools and students we serve. 

Starting May 4th, 2015, we will bring our unique and authentic program that will captivate your child's attention and motivate them to pursue learning, to Ericson Elementary School. Classes will meet in Room 30 M, T, W, F, 2:10-4:10 and Th 12:20-2:20.


Cathy Trang

Program Director