Whitter School


Coach Gibbons Adapted Physical Education (APE) is a diversified program of developmental activities that are modified to meet the State of California Physical Education Standards. At Whittier, a carefully designed physical education program is developed to meet the unique needs of an individual with a disability who is unable to fully participate in the general physical education program. A credentialed APE teacher may work collaboratively with school staff including general physical education teachers, classroom teachers, therapists and instructional assistants to provide instruction in the least restrictive environment.

The instructional program is designed to address the motor development of each student through participation in a comprehensive, sequentially planned physical education program. Individual goals are developed based on motor assessment to meet each student’s motor needs. A least restrictive environment is the goal of each placement. At Whittier, APE is provided in a group setting and addresses the specific needs of each student. There are six options in physical education placement, APE direct service being the most restrictive and general physical education being the least restrictive. Prior to recommending the student for APE placement, all other options must be considered.