Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps students with sensory, perceptual andmotor problems better meet the daily demand of their environment. For thechildren and young adults at Whittier School, one very important “occupation”is that of a student. The occupation of student requires many skills, andincludes access to classroom curricula, school activities, and to the manyroutines a student engages in on a regular basis.

Occupational therapists support students in the followingoccupational performance areas/expected school activities:

Educational Accessibility / Academic Readiness / Legible Qualityof Written Work

  • Ability to copy written work form white/black board to desk
  • Maintain appropriate posture for classroom activities

Social / Emotional / Behavioral

  • Develop and maintain appropriate self-regulation skills
  • Respond appropriately to changes in school routine
  • Follow classroom rules and routines

Vocational / Pre-Vocational

  • Complete multi-step tasks
  • Organize personal materials
  • Complete required tasks


  • Perform self-feeding routines at school
  • Manage clothing during school as appropriate
  • Perform hygiene routines
  • Manage toileting needs