Welcome to 5th grade!  To help you make the most of your year, the upper grade teachers suggest you bring the following supplies.  The school supply budget has been cut and we are requesting your help in purchasing these supplies. To help ease the strain of back to school shopping, please look for these items on sale.  Thank you.
For the student:

1 protractor

2-3 pencils per month, sharpened with erasers – mechanical OK

2 red pens

2+ pens, blue or black ink erasable OK

1 set colored pencils, crayons, or markers

 1 pencil sharpener with lid

1 pair scissors

2 spiral notebooks, 70 page size       OR 3-ring binder/notebook [binder preferred] with notebook paper

2 Writing notebooks/journals

2-4 white board markers

1 eraser or old, clean sock for white board

1 basic calculator

Reusable water container with lid or sipper top

Earphones for computer