2015 iHigh Summer Program Information

Applications were due on May 29. All complete applications received by June 19 have been sent email confirmations. The iHigh staff has moved from our Old Town campus to Building 2 at the Serra High School campus. The June 22 Orientations are full. We will accept drop-off applications on June 22 in Classroom 222 at Serra High School until 11:45 AM, based on space available. Orientations for these students will be on Tuesday, June 23 and classes will start on June 23. We cannot accept late applications after June 22.
The fastest way to contact us is to email us at ihigh@sandi.net. We will respond within 24 hours.
The iHigh campus in Old Town will be open on Fridays only from 7:30 AM to 11:45 AM to allow students to receive teacher help in math and English and to take proctored exams.
Serra High School - 5156 Santo Road, San Diego 92124 (Tierrasanta area)
iHigh Virtual Academy - 3939 Conde Sttreet, San Diego 92110 (Old Town area)
 Please note: This is the final summer that the Operation Student Virtual Learning grant will be available to fund the iHigh online Summer Program. The grant's target audience is San Diego Unified's military students. Course offerings and number of teachers available will be closely aligned with military student course requests. Non-military students who are currently enrolled in district high schools (or incoming 9th grade) have second priority for enrollment. Private school students who reside within SDUSD boundaries have third priority. We regret that we can no longer accept charter school students. Students who reside outside of district boundaries and do not have an interdistrict transfer for enrollment in an SDUSD school in September are not eligible to enroll in the iHigh Summer Program.
Our main summer campus will be at Serra High School in Tierrasanta, from June 22 to July 31.. All teachers will be at Serra High to lead orientations on June 22 and June 23,
We will not be able to offer science courses, AP courses, Honors courses or Advanced courses. 
Application period:  The application window is expected to be April 8 to May 29. We have a small staff to process an estimated 700 applications. Active duty military and DoD students are guaranteed enrollment for available courses. The earlier non-military students apply, the greater their priority for enrollment. Applications submitted after May 29 will only be considered if space is available. Crunch time for the iHigh staff to process applications is June 1-21.
Enrollment confirmation: Active duty military and DoD students are assured of summer enrollment for available courses. Confirmations for non-military students will be emailed, first-come first-served, until we reach capacity. To avoid frustrations, please be sure to provide a legible e-mail address and to check your spam/junk mail in case the confirmation e-mail is re-directed.
Orientation: Students who have never completed an online class (as determined by their transcript) will be required to attend a two-hour orientation at Serra High School on June 22 or June 23. This orientation is essential to helping students learn to navigate the online portals. The confirmation e-mail will indicate assignment to either the 7:30 AM-9:30 AM session or 9:45 AM to 11:45 AM session at Serra High.
Transcript grades and drops:  All iHigh summer courses earn transcript grades. Students who begin an online course and then decide to drop must notify the iHigh summer office by Friday, June 26. After the drop deadline, students will receive a transcript grade for the class. This means that students who simply stop working part-way through the summer will likely receive an "F" grade on their transcript.
On-site Teachers: iHigh teachers will be available on the Serra campus from 7:30 AM to 11:45 AM during summer session, to provide academic assistance and to administer proctored exams. Two teachers will be available at the iHigh campus on Friday only, from 7:30 AM to 11:45 AM,
Proctored exams:  All core courses require a proctored midterm (by July 10) and a proctored final (by July 29-30, depending on the class). This is a UC requirement. Students must be able to come to campus for proctored exams during the 7:30 AM to 11:45 AM summer school day. Students should arrive early enough to complete exams by 11:45 AM, as teachers go off duty at that time. The pacing guide for each class shows suggested exam dates. Please note that teachers must have sufficient time to grade all coursework and to enter final grades by 12 noon on July 31.
Planning coursework: Most students are able to successfully complete a one-semester online course during the short 6-week summer session. In the past, students have completed the second semester online at their regular high school during fall semester. It is not yet confirmed whether this option will still be available in the fall.
It is extremely challenging to complete a full-year course (both semesters) in only 6 weeks. Students who have been able to accomplish this goal have found it to be a fulltime job...at least 6 hours of coursework per day for 29 days. For this reason, we do not recommend this option. Please keep in mind that students may only enroll in one course at a time, so Semester 1 would need to completed by July 10 in order to allow time to complete Semester 2.
Summer Travel: We do not recommend our summer program for students who will be on extended travel during the summer session. Experience has shown that students often stop doing coursework once they go on travel, which results in falling behind, running out of time, and earning a low transcript grade. Students are able to work ahead in their courses, to help accommodate summer travel plans. Please keep in mind that students must report to campus for a proctored midterm and final exam.
Summer Program Closing: Summer session closes at 11:45 AM on July 31. Teachers must enter all final grades by 12 noon, and then they go off duty for the rest of the summer. The district closes the summer student information system on July 31, to start processing summer report cards and to start preparing for fall semester. Summer transcript grades should be posted by mid-August.
Special Circumstances: Student should stay in contact with their summer teachers and notify them of any questions, problems or special circumstances that arise. Active communications will help prevent future frustrations.
QUESTIONS? Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or email us at iHigh@sandi.net
 Updated 06-19-15
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