Middle School

  • Wildcats for December 2013

    Posted by Darius Ashton at 12/17/2013

    1.       U. Ali

    2.       M. DeGuzman

    3.       J. McCullough

    4.       L. McGaugh

    5.       M. Skoog Green

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  • Junior Model United Nations

    Posted by Liz Sloan at 5/29/2013
    45 Wangenheim Seminar students participated in the county-wide Junior Model United Nations Conference at USD.

    The students selected countries and committees to research and prepared speeches to present at the conference.
    We had a very successful presence at the conference. Twenty Wangenheim resolutions and ten position papers were selected to be used during the conference. In addition, we received numerous awards: Montana Milton received the economic award, and outstanding delegate for 3rd committee; Natalie Tran, economic award for regional security council. Committee Commendations were given to Amy Songvilay, Emily Chhay, Amanda Huynh and Albert Nguyen.

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  • Wildcats for May 2013

    Posted by Liz Sloan at 5/8/2013

    Congratulations to our Wildcats of the Month for May:  Isabelle W, Ryan D, John C, Gavin T, Natalie T, and Jada T. Congratulations Wildcats!

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  • Wildcats for April 2013

    Posted by Liz Sloan at 4/16/2013

    Congratulations to our Wildcats of the month for April: Shyla E, Amanda H, Elisa C, Phummin R, Quentin P, Timothy H. They will be taken out to lunch by Dr. Fallon.

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  • Science Fair First Place

    Posted by Liz Sloan at 3/25/2013
    Zach McGaugh earned a first place ribbon at the Science Fair. It was an amazing project. He was experimenting on what material would make the best surfer boot that repels stingray barbs. To do this he had to go to Cal State Long Beach stingray pool to measure the force of a stingray using an impulse meter. Then replicating that force with a home made boom to test each material. Along with his first place award, he also earned a huge $$$ prize for his project. Four students out of 700 students won money, and he was one of the 4. Next phase for Zach, the state competition.

    Congrats to Zach! 

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  • Science Fair 2013

    Posted by Liz Sloan at 3/22/2013

    This year we had 34 students make it to thejudging phase of the GSDSEF. Last night was the award ceremony and here are theresults:

    First Place
    Zachary McGaugh - also made the special awards list which might includeadmission to state science fair and cash/ prizes
    Ryan Doan

    Second Place
    Amanda Huynh
    John Caaway
    Jonathan Hua
    Diana Chong
    Russell Songco
    Amber Darling
    Khoi Nguyen

    Third Place
    Jenna Datuin

    Elisha Aquino
    Sheila Flores

    Deshawn Burke
    Shon Sutherland

    Joey DeJesus
    Kyle Irwin

    Angelo Delrosario
    Giannela Gonzales

    Talitha Egbo
    Jessica Le

    Eliza Edra
    Ferrick Lee

    Ian Coughlan
    Kiana Mitchell

    Victor Pham
    Brittney Trampe

    Montana Milton

    Fourth Place
    Jessica Dau

    Jasmine DeJesus
    Kate Kornkanok

    Kayla Madelar

    They all did a great job!


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  • Wildcats for March 2013

    Posted by Liz Sloan at 3/12/2013

    Congratulations to our Wildcats of the Month for March: Joey S, Joshua P, Kristina L, Kaitlynn D, Nataline E and Hoang T. Dr. Fallon will be taking them out to lunch at Souplantation.

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  • Wildcats for February 2013

    Posted by Liz Sloan at 2/8/2013

    Congratulations to our Wildcats of the Month for February: Tobey P, Karl P, Ivan H, Mitzi, S, Mary Grace L, Emily L. Congratulations Wildcats. You will be taken out to lunch by Dr. Fallon.

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  • Science Fair Initial Screening

    Posted by Liz Sloan at 1/28/2013

    The following 8th Grade Advanced Sciencestudents passed the initial screening and will be moving on to the Greater SanDiego Science and Engineering Fair at Balboa Park on March 20th.

    Elisha A

    Deshawn B

    John C


    Ian C
    Amber D

    Jenna D

    Jessica D
    Jasmine D

    Jose D

    Angelo D
    Ryan D

    Eliza E

    Talitha E
    Sheila F

    Giannela G

    Joshua H
    Jonathan H

    Amanda H

    Kyle I
    Kongpo K

    Jessica L

    Jerrick L
    Kayla M

    Zachary M

    Montana M
    Kiana M

    Khoi N

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  • Spelling Bee Winners!!

    Posted by Liz Sloan at 1/23/2013
    Congratulations to our spelling bee winners. Thanks to ASB, our winners received gifts card from Barnes & Noble ($20, 15, and 10). Also a HUGE thanks to Mrs. Fehlhaber for calling all the words out!
    1st place – Emily C (7th grader)
    2nd place – Pilol C (6th grader)
    3rd place – Montana M (8th grader)
    Mrs. Zelman
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