Middle School

Advisory Class

Every student starts the day with an Advisory class from 7:30 to 7:50 am. The purpose of Advisory class is to develop character, leadership and a lifetime committment to community service.  In addition, the Advisory teacher monitors the students' academic, behavioral and emotional progress.  The Advisory teacher serves as a mentor who can assist the students in making sure they have a positive and successful experience in middle school.

Weekly Schedule:

Monday:  Silent Sustained Reading
Tuesday: Weekly Bulletin, Planner checks, Organizational Assistance, Notebook Clean-out
Wednesday: Lesson
Thursday: Lesson
Friday: Lesson  (Broadcast every other week)
Some topics that have been covered in the lessons this year:
  • Red Ribbon Month (Drug and Alcohol Safety and Awareness)
  • Life Skills (Required District curriculum promoting health and personal development)
  • Community Service  (Math-a-thon, projects for Meals on Wheels, projects for the Marines)
  • Grade Conferences with goal setting
  • Bullying
  • No Name Calling
  • Kids and the Law