Language Academy

K-8 School

French and Spanish Language Immersion

2013 PTSA English, Spanish, French logo

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The PTSA's Mission

  • Provide support for the teachers and classroom during the instructional day.
  • Furnish an extensive selection of Spanish and French books, magazines, CD-ROMs and reference materials at our fall and summer book fairs.
  • Provide Art Works, a grassroots art enrichment program, to students.
  • Sponsor engaging assemblies by bringing local performing artists to our school.
  • Continue efforts to improve community relations and awareness.
  • Increase parental involvement in PTA.

The PTSA executive board meets monthly to organize and carry out the PTSA objectives for the year. 

The PTSA also hosts regular general meetings to approve expenses, student programs and activities, and to present timely parent programs discussing issues related to our children’s education.

For more information on the PTA visit the Ninth District PTA website, the California State PTA website or the National PTA website.

Please see the calendar for information about activities at our school.