Principal Ana Biffle

Our Principal – Ana Luisa Biffle

The most rewarding aspect about my job is that I get to spend time with children who are learning everyday. I am a product of San Diego city schools and know what it is like to be a student in these classrooms. I graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Spanish Literature. I continued my education at National University where I received my Masters in Business Administration and Instructional Leadership. This opened doors for me and I was very fortunate to land positions at Logan, Porter and Knox elementary schools.

When I arrived at Euclid Elementary in September 2010, I immediately felt the love and support of its close-knit community. Every student is taken in not just by their specific grade teachers, but by all teachers and staff. Every one helps each other in every way they can.

Teachers, staff and the whole community have done a lot of wonderful work to improve student learning and the overall school atmosphere. As principal, my goal is to continue to support those efforts that have been successful and add my own knowledge and experience to push the learning even further. We have been updating a lot of technology in the classroom, such as providing online learning. Developing a strong parent education component where parents are taught skills to help their children academically and socially is also a priority.

Values here at Euclid are very similar to values at home. We always make students feel accepted. Our teachers and staff make school challenging but fun at the same time. Students feel that sense of commitment from their teachers and they know they are getting pushed to do their best. I have noticed that even older students who have come from our area always come back to visit.
We have a loyal team of teachers and staff who have been at Euclid for quite a long time. Teachers are constantly learning ways to plan and deliver better lessons through our community learning environment.

Please feel free to contact me or anybody here at Euclid to answer any questions and take in any suggestions you may have. Thank you for choosing Euclid Elementary!
Ana Luisa Biffle