The San Diego Met School Advisory structure fosters a sense of belonging, develops individual strengths resulting in articulate, motivated, self-confident students who are academically and personally driven to excellence. The advisory structure is the core organizational and relational structure of a Big Picture school.  It is the heart and soul of the school and is often described as the “home” and “second” family by students.  The Met’s focus is for all students to be a part of a small advisory of no more than 20-25 students with one advisor who will work with this group of students throughout their entire high school career.


San Diego Met High School engages all students in learning by working with the student and his or her advisor to create an Individualized Learning Plan as an extension of the student’s interests and personal academic goals. The parents of our students are committed to actively participating in their child’s education, and the school recognizes the importance of parent involvement in the learning process.  The Met Learning Plan team consists of a student, his/her parents, mentor, and advisor meets up to four times a year formally to discuss the student’s progress and set new goals. Students are required to carry and maintain a Super Calendar, which is issued to all students when they enroll, in order to be organized and responsible for their education.


The advisory model emphasizes the following:



·        Personalization, one student at a time approach

·        Advisory/ Individualized Learning Plan

·        CA State Standards; all students scoring at proficient or advanced

·        a-g requirements for admission to UC/CSU (all students meeting requirements)

·        Exhibitions-4 times a year

·        California High School Exit Exam (all students passing); API 350 / AYP 380

·        Internships/Business community

·        Parent engagement

·        College preparatory school;all students eligible to take college courses starting in 10th grade

·        PSAT/SAT/ACT prep

·        EAP and ELM - English/Math college assessments

·        College tours, FAFSA/Scholarship workshops for students and parents