Mission and Vision Statement -old


Green’s Magnet School Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Green Elementary is an academic and athletic magnet school dedicated to developing life long learners who lead successful, healthy, physically fit lives in the 21stcentury.

Vision Statement

We are committed to preparing our students to compete in a 21stcentury global community through rigorous academic instruction. To be prepared for the 21stCentury we believe all children need to develop competencies in:

  1. Information Literacy and Computer Skills
  2. Critical and Innovative Thinking
  3. Collaborative skills both locally and globally
  4. Cultural sensitivity and respect for others
  5. High expectations for self and others

Our commitment to physical education seeks to foster in students an understanding and application of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, health and physical fitness.

We believe in emphasizing both academics and athletics we foster a fully developed