Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


The Mission of Robert Fulton Pre-K-8 School is to provide a 1st Class Education for all students. At Fulton each student will be provided with an education that promotes critical thinking, curiosity, and courage; that inspires hope, dreams and the belief that students will receive a rigorous education that provides them with lifelong skills. Our expectation and belief is that all students will achieve and GRADUATE FROM THE COLLEGE OF THEIR CHOICE. We strongly believe in the development of personal responsibility and positive self-esteem to facilitate a cooperative, integrated, and achieving learning community.

This will ensure that each child will become a life-long learner and a productive member of society in a constantly changing 21st century global economy.  

Shared Vision

Fulton’s learning community believes in an environment where all students and stakeholders are valued and respected, where learning is a life-long process, and we empower high-achieving innovative thinkers, promote character development and celebrate cultural diversity.  Fulton’s comprehensive curriculum centers on critical thinking, literacy, math, science, social studies, physical education, music, Spanish, and English language development. All students at Fulton have the opportunity to understand computer and digital technology through an experiential, sequential, and cross-curricular program in our state-of-the-art computer lab. Our staff respects individual learning styles and differentiates instruction accordingly. We strongly believe in developing the whole child.

Our commitment to quality instruction, enrichment opportunities, and valuing diversity offers a dynamic experience for our students to develop in order to succeed in a global society.