Ms. McLaughlin

 My name is Katie McLaughlin and I am so thrilled to be at Sequoia this year as a 4th grade teacher. I have subbed at this school, in Mrs. Harris' class and others, and I've always felt this is a welcoming environment. I grew up in Carmel Valley and attended San Diego State University. I used to be a 6th grade camp counselor in the mountains. After that, I worked on cruise ships, as youth staff. My first teaching job was in Korea, where I lived for almost a year and taught English. I loved learning about a new culture and this is where I realized how much I liked teaching. I returned home and got my credential at SDSU and went on to teach part-time and then full-time at the Solana Beach School District. This is my second year teaching 4th grade. I love this age group and am excited for all the great things we are going to learn this year!
I love to travel and have been to many countries and states. I think one of the best ways to learn is to see other places and other cultures. In my free time I enjoy being a mom to my son who is in third grade and watching him surf and play basketball. I also enjoy exercising, cooking, and being with family and friends.