• Back to the Future with CRE / SMI

    Posted by Kimberly Wright at 8/23/2011
    Please see the following presentation by Sally Spero to explain the next steps for to prepare for the audit.
    There are a lot of dates to keep track of...and they are all listed in the powerpoint!
    Back to the Future with CRE/SMI  (Powerpoint Presentation)
    Sample Completed Form
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  • A CRE/SMI Fable

    Posted by Sally Spero at 5/26/2011 1:00:00 PM

    Once upon a time, there were three Area Managers and Managers. All of them were very busy meeting the challenges of feeding healthy school meals to thousands of students five days a week. No matter how hard they worked to keep up the pace or get ahead, they sometimes felt as though their jobs only grew more complex and difficult.

    Then came the announcement that next year was the district’s CRE/SMI. All three of them faced the identical challenge but they responded in very different ways.

    The first threw her hands into the air, claiming that nothing could be done and all was lost. She spent the year complaining about the entire CRE/SMI process. By the time the reviewers arrived her staff was so upset that it impacted the whole operations for months.

    The second closed his eyes, deciding the best thing to do was to ignore the upcoming trainings and information packets and just take his chances with what he had. He did not organize his work or prepare his staff for what was coming. His review was a mad last-minute scramble for everything. The staff felt the stress and the standards of his usually-excellent program began slipping at a critical time.

    But the third knew that everyone has to be part of the CRE/SMI. She organized her materials and used a calendar to keep track of important dates. When she had questions or problem she brought them forward. She trained her staff and enlisted them to help get ready. This built a spirit of teamwork that carried over into the entire operation. When the reviewers arrived, everyone was proud to show off what they had accomplished in bringing their programs to the highest standards.

    YOU will write the ending of this fable. Which one will you be? Will you step up to the leadership challenge?

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  • Spring 2012 Audit Start-Up

    Posted by Kimberly Wright at 4/26/2011 10:00:00 AM
    Please see the following presentation by Sally Spero to explain the audit process:
    2012 Spring Audit  (Powerpoint Presentation)
    2012 Spring Audit (pdf file)
    Feel free to contact Revere if you have any questions.
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