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rrr Resources & Signage
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Signage & Labels - general recycling signage that can be attached to recycling and trash bins
SDUSD Signage - Specific signs with SDUSD contact information, etc.
Posters - general recycling posters
For Teachers - Resources to promote recycling in the classroom
For ASB Leaders - Recycling Manual and Signage 
Conservation Club Materials - Club meeting ideas

Signage & Labels
The following materials are shared by the Alameda County Office of Education’s Service-Learning Waste Reduction Project, funded by StopWaste.Org,
Clean Recycling  
  Clean Recycling Sign  - 8 1/2" x 11"

  CA Redemption Value (CRV) Sign - 8 1/2" x 11"

    Landfill sign     
  Landfill Sign - 8 1/2" x 11"

To see more bin labels, please visit the Service-Learning Waste Reduction Project’s School Recycling Toolkit.

Find out how you can make "Do it Yourself" recycling bins here.
FREE recycling labels are available from the District's Recycling Office.  The labels are provided by Recycle Across America and funded by Kiehl's Since 1851.  Please contact the recycling office to request labels for your school.
Mixed refundables landfill
food compost paper
SDUSD Signage:
Blue Bin
Blue Bin Recycling - for classroom recycling
Yes - This can be recycled - includes pictures of acceptable recyclables
No - This cannot be recycled - includes pictures of unacceptable materials

These posters were developed by the North Carolina DPPEA.  Click on an image to download directly from their website.
blow dryersapplinglove earth
bottleKenny binskateboard

For Teachers
Green Party Kits -Create re-usable kits that can be used for classroom parties, school events, etc. and send less waste to the landfill!
Recycling PowerPoint Presentation for Elementary Grades - This is a large file and may take several minutes to load!
Recycling Games & Activities - City of San Diego

Schools are encouraged to implement or enhance their program to recycle mixed paper. 

For ASB Leaders
Recycling Manual
Prepared by Ryan Mann, La Jolla High School, Class of 2012
Recycling Manual for ASB Commissioner of Environmental Affairs - PDF File
Recycling Manual for ASB Commissioner of Environmental Affairs - Word Document (use to modify the document for your school's specific programs or needs)
Signage & Fliers - download full page signs and fliers found in the ASB Recycling Manual
Beverage Container Recycling Program 
Recycling Bin Signs - PDF file 
Recycling Sign Type 2 - JPG file (picture)
Recycling Poster -  PDF file

Bottles on Shirts Promotion
Recycle Shirt Signs - PDF file
Recycle Sign - JPG file (picture)
Recycle Basketball Promotion

Recycle Basketball Logo - JPG file (picture)

Classroom Recycling Program  

ASB Classroom Recycling Bin Sign - PDF file

Classroom Recycling Sign - DOC file

Classrom Trash Sign - DOC file 

Cell Phone Recycling Drive

Cell Phone Drive Flyer - DOC file


For Students (links to other websites)



Conservation Club Materials


SDUSD Conservation Club Educational Materials- This document overviews Conservation Club Meeting Plans.  These were developed several years ago and some things have changed, but there is still some good information on setting up any type of Eco-Club or Conservation Club.  Click here to see an overview of the club program meetings. 


Click on the week below to see a suggested outline for club meetings.