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Recycling at School

boysAre you interested in setting up or expanding a recycling program on your campus?  The District's iChoose Blue! Recycle @ School! program is designed to help promote recycling at school and get students involved. Check out some of the resources available here
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What Can You Do to Help?
There are a lot of little things you can do to help jump start your school's recycling program.  Encourage everyone in class to Choose Blue! This means putting all recyclable paper, cardboard, and beverage containers in the blue classroom recycling bins and not in the trash!  If students use the recycling bin as a trash can, well, that causes problems, too.  Recyclables need to be kept separated from trash, or the staff or volunteers who collect them from each class might have to trash them!  What a waste!  It only takes a second to choose the right bin.  
Recyclables collected from classrooms and school offices need to make it to the large blue
recycling dumpsters outside. Sometimes the kids recyclingBuilding Site Supervisors (BSS) or middle or high school Plant Operations Supervisors (POS) are able to do that, but most often they need help. At some schools student groups, such as Student Council, ASB, a Special Education class, or school environmental club are in charge of campus recycling. They do a great job of helping their school and the environment! 

If your school does not have a group in charge of recycling, consider starting one! Ask your principal or teacher if you and some friends can collect recyclables before or after school, during lunch, or at another time during the day.  Most principals and teachers are willing to let students help out around campus. 

For more information, ideas, and resources, click on the links below.
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