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The greatest energy users in the District are traditionally lighting, heating and cooling. Advances in lighting technologies reduces the energy required to light our schools, however the use and power required for electrical devices in classrooms has increased.  These "plug loads," which is a term for any device that is plugged into an electrical outlet, now comprise almost as much of the District's energy bill as lighting.
Energy Conservation Tips
How can you conserve energy at your school?  Check out the Utility Conservation 101 Fact Sheet for ideas!

Energy/Utility Management has pursued a number of actions to help reduce the amount of energy the District consumes for lighting. Through motion sensors, re-lamping, LED exit signs, and several other strategies, we have found ways to make the District's energy consumption more efficient.

The majority of the Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning (HVAC) units in the San Diego Unified School District are air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces. A conventional air conditioner runs on electricity and cools the room air while removing heat to the outdoors. E/UM aggressively monitors air conditioning energy use to maximize efficiencies, while keeping energy costs down. 
An additional device, such as an electric heating coil or a gas furnace, would be used if heating were required. Our furnaces burn natural gas to heat a room. Heat pumps are air conditioners that can switch the direction of the process to provide both heating and cooling. All these systems typically use fans and ductwork to move air year-round in order to provide adequate ventilation air where windows are unavailable.
The Energy Management Control System (EMCS) is a computer-based means for monitoring and controlling heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC), and lighting system energy use throughout the District. A central computer at the Maintenance and Operations Center runs the system, and specialists in the Energy/Utility Management Section ensure that controlled rooms are at the optimal temperature for teaching, learning, and working.
Solar Energy
For more information on solar projects, please contact Terry Johnson at 858-496-1954.
For more information, contact Physical Plant Operations at 858-627-7171.