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  • Annual Western BBQ

    Posted by Catherine Tran at 3/31/2014
    Save the date...  It's almost time for CPMA's annual Western BBQ!  Families are invited to have lunch with their student on Thursday, April 10.  Students will receive more information after spring break.
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  • Clairemont Day at the Bay & Fast Times 5K

    Posted by Catherine Tran at 3/31/2014
    Join CPMA and the other schools in the Clairemont area for a fun day at Mission Bay on Saturday, April 12. 
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  • Update #15

    Posted by Catherine Tran at 3/28/2014

    Just a quick reminder...  School will be closed for one week for spring break.  Students, please take this time to make up levels of Learning Upgrade and any late class notes. 

    Congrats to Kaitlyn T from period 6 for being March's Student of the Month!  She has excellent grades and citizenship!  Way to go! 

    Enjoy your spring break!
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  • Update #14

    Posted by Catherine Tran at 3/21/2014

              Thursday, March 27 – periods 1 to 3
              Friday, March 28 – periods 4 to 7
    The test will only cover sections 8-1 to 8-5.  Students were given a practice test this week.  Use it to help you study this weekend!  Class notes will be collected prior to the start of the test.  Please read the handout that is provided for each test to make sure you receive all of the points possible for your notes.  (If you need another copy, you can download it from the File Library on the class website.)  Make sure you have either highlighted or underlined the 18 vocabulary terms on the handout for “8-5 Three-Dimensional Figures.”  Students may not use their notes during the test.  Instead, students can use one index card no larger than 4x6 inches.  If you know you will be absent on the day of the test, please make arrangements to take the test earlier in the week before spring break.  Thank you.

    LEARNINGUPGRADE.COM (periods 1, 3, 5)
    Don’t forget…  levels 31 to 45 are due Tuesday, March 25!  Here is the final deadline:  levels 46 to 60 are due Friday, May 30.  Students should be completing at least 2 levels each week with gold or silver.  (Students with IEPs will also receive credit for bronze levels.)

    No school - Monday, March 31 to Friday, April 4

    The Annual Children’s Book Party will be on Saturday, April 26 from 8:30 to 10:30 am at Balboa Park’s Spreckels Organ Pavilion.  All children (K-12th grade) will receive 2 new books for free!  For more info, please call 619-266-4118.

    Good luck studying for the test this weekend!
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  • Update #13

    Posted by Catherine Tran at 2/28/2014
    The 6-week grading period will end next Friday, March 7.  Have you started the new semester on the right foot?  It’s not too late to make changes if you need to improve…

    Tuesday, March 4 – periods 1 to 5
    Thursday, March 6 – periods 6 to 7
    Students who did not earn an A or B on the Chapter 7 Test will have the opportunity to retake the test next week.  It will cover sections 7-1 to 7-5.  The retest will have different questions.  Please use your original test, homework, class notes, and math book to help you study this weekend.  Come prepared with a cheatsheet (one page of notes: vocab, examples, pictures, etc.)!

    Congrats to the following students who earned 100% on the Chapter 7 Test:
    Samantha R
    Maxine R
    Tushunda A
    Dazhane B
    Jemsa L
    Mikaila M
    Jonathan T
    Grizelda G
    Julie N
    Isabella R

    LEARNINGUPGRADE.COM (periods 1, 3, 5)
    Don’t forget to keep working on this until you get gold and silver levels (91% or higher)!  Levels 31 to 45 are due March 25.

    Congrats to Andrea O from period 1!  She has been working very hard and started the new semester with a great improvement.  She is also very polite and always follows directions.  Are you trying your best?  Maybe you will be next month’s Star Student!

    Students who earned E’s and G’s during the first semester will be invited to lunch early next Friday to enjoy music in the quad.  Thanks for being positive role models!

    Have a great weekend!
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  • Update #12

    Posted by Catherine Tran at 2/13/2014
    There is no school on Fri, Feb 14 and Mon, Feb 17. 

         Tue, Feb 18 for periods 1 to 5
         Thur, Feb 20 for periods 6 to 7
    The test will only cover sections 7-1 to 7-5. Class notes will be collected at the beginning of class. (They should already be organized and stapled. See handout: Class notes will not be allowed during the test. Students can only use a “cheatsheet” – one 8.5 x 11 in piece of paper (both sides). This test is extremely important. Since this is the first test of the new semester, it will count for about 60% of the next progress report... so don’t forget to study this weekend! Use the “Math Test Tips & Strategies” handout from the last test to help you (also available at:

         Thur, Feb 20 for periods 1 to 3
         Fri, Feb 21 for periods 4 to 7
    The results from this test will be used with other factors to determine students’ math placement for next year.

    LEARNINGUPGRADE.COM (periods 1, 3, 5)
    Levels 31 to 45 need to be completed with gold or silver (91% or better) by Tue, March 25.

    Tutoring begins at 4:00 pm and students staying for help need to be in the classroom by 4:05 pm.
    English - Mr. Saylor in room 110 on TUE and THUR
    Math - Mr. Adair in room 208 on TUE and Ms. Anderson in room 405 on THUR
    Science - Ms. Brannen in room 901 on TUE and THUR
    Social Studies - Mr. Ingrum in room 210 on TUE and THUR 

    It was very difficult to pick only one student to acknowledge for January, so I would like to congratulate both Alissa F from period 3 and James H from period 5 for being goal-oriented! By the end of the first semester, both students worked very hard to raise their first progress report grade by two letter grades. Job well done!


    Thanks for your time.
    Enjoy the 4-day weekend!

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  • Update #11

    Posted by Catherine Tran at 1/31/2014
    Welcome to the 2nd semester!  It's like the first day of school.  The old tests and assignments are gone.  Students have a fresh start.  Hopefully you've learned from your mistakes.  Think about what you need to do to improve your grade and your behavior.  Take the time to review the information on the class website ( and in the syllabus and your student planner.  Check your backpack.  Do you have the necessary school supplies?  

    Congratulations to the following students who worked really hard and earned some of the highest grades during the first semester:
    Samantha R
    Nia M
    Siri P
    Sapphire C
    Amarinh P
    Cassandra M
    Alofa C
    Julie N
    Sophia P
    Janiya D
    Audrey M
    Katherine G
    Tautinei J
    Joshua L
    Kaitlyn T
    James H
    Jonathan T
    Alaijah M

    We are currently working on geometry concepts.  This chapter has numerous vocabulary terms.  Don't wait until the day before the test to memorize the words and definitions.  Review your class notes every day!  Can you explain the difference between adjacent angles and vertical angles?  If a triangle is scalene, am I looking at its sides or angles?   

    LEARNINGUPGRADE.COM (periods 1, 3, 5)
    Levels 16 to 30 are due next Thursday, Feb 6.  Points will only be given for gold or silver levels (91% or higher).  Beware...  bronze levels may look like gold.  To be sure, after you login, click on "REPORT" instead of Start.

    You should be checking your grades on a weekly basis at:  Make up missing work before it's too late.  Late work can be turned in up to one week late for partial credit.  Did you receive a zero score because you forgot to write your name on it?  Make sure you check the "no name papers" before it's too late.  These papers will now be recycled at the end of each chapter.

    CPMA will be collecting spare change (and bills) to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society starting next week.  We greatly appreciate donations of any amount.

    Thank you for your time. 
    Enjoy the weekend!

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  • Update #10

    Posted by Catherine Tran at 1/10/2014

    With the start of 2014 comes the end of the first semester.  The next two weeks will be very important… Students in periods 2, 6, and 7 who have a D or F need to decide if the advanced class is appropriate.  Please talk to me ASAP if you’re considering being moved to a regular math class.



    Tuesday, January 14 for periods 1 to 5

    Thursday, January 16 for periods 6 to 7

    This will be the last test of the semester.  Class notes (see handout at: will be collected at the beginning of class and will not be allowed during the test.  Instead, only a “cheatsheet” may be used…  both sides of one 8.5 x 11 in. piece of paper (blank, graph, or lined), hand-written or typed.  Suggestions for what to include: rules/properties, vocabulary terms, examples with work shown, multiplication facts, and reminders.  The test will cover 3 main topics.  Students need to know how to: 1) solve equations by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing;  2) evaluate expressions; and  3) write algebraic expressions and equations.  Students may use any strategy to solve the equations.  However, if the answer is incorrect, partial credit will only be given if the student’s work correctly shows that they have applied the Properties of Equality (a major focus of the chapter). Be prepared to work with positive and negative numbers, as well as fractions and decimals! 


    Don’t forget to check PowerSchool ( this weekend!  The deadline to make up late work is Friday, January 17.  For most students, the following assignments are still being accepted:

    1. Pg. 173
    2. Pg. 178
    3. Class notes from chapters 1, 2, and 3
    4. Learning Upgrade levels 1 to 15 (gold or silver = 91% or higher)



    The last day to check for “no name papers” is Friday, January 17.  If you find an assignment that belongs to you, write your name and the page number on it, then turn it back in for credit.


    LEARNINGUPGRADE.COM (periods 1, 3, 5)

    Don’t forget to keep working on it!  Levels 16 to 30 need to be completed with gold or silver by Thursday, February 6.



    It’s time again to recommend students for the next 6 weeks of study hall.  Would an extra hour during Advisory each week be helpful for completing or making up assignments?  How about using netbooks to complete levels of Learning Upgrade?  Please email me by Wednesday, January 15 to be included on the list.


    Congrats to Grizelda G from period 7 for Being The Change!  She shows she is CARING by staying after class to help pick up trash and put away chairs.  January’s theme is being GOAL-ORIENTED.  Who will be the next Student of the Month? It could be you!  Always try your best!



    Good luck studying this weekend!  Don’t forget to read your class notes and watch Ms. Crick’s videos:

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  • Update #9

    Posted by Catherine Tran at 12/20/2013
    Students, please remember to spend a little time during the break to review your notes and homework from Chapter 4.  The test will be in January and you won’t be able to use all of your notes anymore.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to study.

    LEARNINGUPGRADE.COM (for periods 1, 3, 5)
    Levels 1 to 15 (gold or silver) were due Dec 19.  If you didn’t finish, please finish them during the break.  Levels 16 to 30 will be due Feb 6.  You should be completing about two levels each week in order to meet the deadline.

    Congrats to Alofa C from period 2!  She displays academic honesty by completing all of her assignments.  She also has one of the highest grades in her class.  Keep up the great work!

    If you have borrowed any math or reading books, please return them soon.  Thank you!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.  School will resume on Jan 6.  See you next year!
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  • Update #8

    Posted by Catherine Tran at 12/6/2013

    Students received a 12-week progress report today. It shows both scholarship and citizenship grades for all classes. There is still time to improve grades before the official report cards are handed out at the end of the first semester. Think about how you can improve your grades and your behavior! 

    Keep checking the class website ( and PowerSchool ( on a weekly basis to help you stay up-to-date. If you received a zero score, but think that you did turn in the assignment, then don’t forget to check the “no name” papers…

    Periods 2, 6, and 7 are advanced math classes, which are more challenging. If you currently have a D or F, think about why you’ve earned that grade. Are you turning assignments in on time? Are you asking for help when needed? Do you know you can do better and just need to put forth more effort to improve your grade? If the class is too difficult, please let me know so we can decide if a regular class is more appropriate.

    Students who earned less than 80% on the Chapter 3 Test will have the opportunity to retake the test during class on Monday, Dec 9. However, it is not the same test. Questions can be about any topic discussed in sections 3-1 to 3-5. Be prepared to estimate, add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions, whole numbers, and mixed numbers. Don’t forget to study this weekend and bring your class notes! It’s also a good idea to watch Ms. Crick’s homework videos to help you remember how to solve the problems:

    Many of the late bus routes have changed. If you stay after school on Tuesdays or Thursdays, please check towards the bottom of the transportation page ( to see if your bus stop or drop off time has changed.

    LEARNINGUPGRADE.COM (for periods 1, 3, 5)
    Don’t forget… the first 15 levels need to be completed with silver or gold by Thursday, Dec 19. 


    Keep trying your best! Only 5 weeks left. 

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