The following information is to inform you of the rules and expectations of our class and to also ask for your assistance in getting our year off to a fantastic start. 
The school gates open at 7:25 AM.  Children are to wait for the first bell at the circle marked B9 at 7:35 AM.  When the bell rings they are to remain seated until I am present and ask them to line up.
It is very important that your child be on time for school.  Our tardy bell starts at 7:40 AM.  Once  the bell rings, tardy slips must be obtained from the office before students come to class.
Please inform the Doyle office either by phone or in person if your child is sick and cannot attend school.  If it's a non medical reason, a short-term contract can be acquired from the office.
Your child may bring lunch from home or purchase a lunch from the cafeteria.  Please help your child remember his or her pin number, which will be sent home. For your convenience, you can also purchase a week or a month of lunches in advance.

Please send a small snack every day in addition to your child’s lunch.  It is helpful to your child if you separate their snack from their lunch, so they know what food to eat at the appropriate time. 

If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday at school, you may bring a small treat(cupcakes, cookies, etc.) for your child to share with the class.  If you are going to have a birthday party outside of school, I ask that you do not bring party invitations to school unless everyone in the class is invited.  I don’t want anyone to get his or her feelings hurt.

Parent Volunteers
Volunteers are a crucial part of our class program.  It will help make our year successful.  I welcome you to volunteer in our classroom, for field trips, or at home.  The children do better in school when their parents are involved  and let them know that education is important.  If you plan to volunteer in our class, please stop by the office and fill out a volunteer application. Volunteers also need a TB test before working with the children.  Due to the budget constraints, the district does not provide TB clinics any more.  Please visit your health care provider to obtain one.