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  • Directions: Follow the instructions below to gain Online Textbook Access to the AP Biology Book (NOTE-This is a newer edition than the one you will be issued at the start of the school year) and its accompanying helpful/useful study tools.  Read Chapters 51-56 using the Pearson online AP Biology Textbook and complete the corresponding reading guides below.  All reading guides must be printed out and are due on Tuesday September 2nd.  You must also review the Ecology Unit Lecture Notes below as you're first exam will be on Friday September 5th.
    AP Biology Textbook Online Access

    Follow these steps to gain Online Textbook Access:

    1. Register at:
    2. Enter code: SSNAST
    3. Click on Covered Titles, then click on Science
    4. Click on Campbell, Biology 8e MasteringBiology (For 5e-8e users)
    5. Click on Student Registration
    6. License Agreement and Privacy Policy: Click on I Accept
    7. Access Information:
    • Select “NO” for Pearson Education account
    • Create a username & password
    • Enter the access code: SSNAST-THUNK-MOUSY-PRIVY-JABOT-WISES
          8. Account Information:
    • Complete or verify your Name & School information
    • For School, select other and type in, "Morse High School".  The zip code is 92114.
    • Complete Security Question and Click Next
    Ecology Reading Guides:
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