Hello Parents!

Here is a list of the PTA Executive Board, and includes officers and chairpersons, principal and teacher representatives. Feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions or would like to help at an event.


President:                                           Asfia Duggan

Vice-President:                                   Jenn Weady

Secretary:                                           Synthia Chang

Treasurer:                                           Mary Salazar 

Financial Sec.:                                    Suzie Tran

Auditor:                                               Jean Sullivan

Historian:                                            Whitney Fabrie

Parliamentarian:                                 Tiffany Cuellar

Email blaster:                                     Sarah Tappan


Back to School Breakfast:                  Jenn Weady

New Parent/Kinder Orientation:         Jenn Weady

Bingo Night:                                       Asfia Duggan

PTA Bulletin Board:                           Catherine Rault

Career Day:                                       Asfia Duggan

Fall Carnival:                                     Gabby Marrewa


Blue Dog Fundraiser:                         Sarah Tappan

Jolly Gift Boutique:                            Stephanie Kwiatkowski

Hospitality:                                         Stephanie Kwiatkowski

Multi-cultural Fair:                             Sarah Contreras and

                                                            Melissa Rauschenberg

Reading Nights 1& 2:                         Stephanie Kwaitkowski (1) and Jenn Weady (2)

Reflections:                                        Ann Mellon


Spelling Bee                                      Chuck Wrightson

Staff Apprec. Lunch:                          Chuck Wrightson

Swap Meet                                        Catherine Rault

Year Book                                          Ann Mellon and Lynette Hom

Talent Show:                                      Melanie Magtoto and Nang

Silent Auction:                                   Asfia Duggan and Jenn Weady

Scholastic Book Fair:                         Whitney Fabrie    


Principal:                                          Geof Martin


Teacher Reps:                                  Margarett Hull

                                                          Kim Nurmi