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Monitoring and Accountability Reporting Department provides several avenues to learn about School Site Councils, the District Advisory Council, the Single Plan for Student Achievement, and Schoolwide Programs. In addition to quarterly Professional Development Conferences and districtwide training for principals and School Site Council members, the Monitoring and Accountability Reporting Department offers customized training at school sites in the following areas:
  • The Single Plan for Student Achievement: Effective planning, monitoring, and evaluation practices
  • Effective meeting management (bylaws, agendas, minutes)
  • Parliamentary procedures: Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Categorical Budget Balancing
  • Data review
  • Schoolwide Programs
  • SSC Best Practices


Upcoming Trainings:

Please see Department Calendar for upcoming trainings. Log into Electronic Registration Online (ERO) at:

Parent Registration:  School sites please contact MAR staff 72 hours prior to workshop date to register parents.


Contact Information

Monitoring and Accountability Reporting Department
4100 Normal St., Rm. 3126
San Diego, CA 92103

Phone  (619) 725-5609
Fax        (619) 725-7055