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recycle Middle & High School Campus Recycling Profiles
There are a variety of different approaches to recycling on middle and high school campuses.  Check out what these schools are doing!


Creative Performing Media Arts (CPMA)
Middle School
At CPMA, a special group of 8th graders are actively involved in recycling on campus.  These students are in WEB (Where Everyone Belongs), a community service based class.  WEB students collect recyclable paper and beverage containers from outdoor campus and classroom recycling bins two times per week. Students are required to wear their WEB Team shirts on recycling days. 
Paper is taken to large recycling dumpsters on campus and beverage containers are taken to the Quad area where they are dumped on the ground, lids removed, and then students stomp on them to save space.
CPMA's Campus Recycling Profile - one page document with more details on their program


La Jolla High School

La Jolla logo
Recycling at La Jolla High School is on track thanks to their active ASB and environmental clubs.  The Vikings ASB manages key recycling programs on campus and collaborates with environmental clubs and the PTA to support other initiatives.  The ASB manages the campus paper and beverage container recycling programs and coordinates a cell phone recycling drive.  They also play an active role in the PTA coordinated Electronic Waste (E-waste) collection drive.
The 2011-12 ASB Commissioner of Environmental Affairs, Senior Ryan Mann, developed a Recycling Manual to help future ASB leaders easily continue recycling programs on campus and to promote recycling awareness among students and staff.  The Recycling Manual can be used at other high schools as a tool to implement similar programs or for ideas on promoting existing programs.
Ryan Mann  

Recycling Manual, ASB Commissioner of Environmental Affairs- Download a PDF of the Recycling Manual 

For a Word Document that can be altered or updated to fit other schools programs, please check out the Resources & Signage section of this website.

       Ryan Mann


Patrick Henry High School

Henry HS Logo

Patrick Henry High School is home of the Patriots and a very active Environmental Club.  The Club provides "on-call" collection of recyclables from classrooms, as well as monthly All-School Recycling Day events.  During these monthly events, Club members and other student volunteers collect recyclables from every classroom. Beverage containers are taken to the Quad area, separated, and flattened. There may be as many as 30-40 students helping out and earning community service hours for their involvement.
Environmental Club members also help other campus clubs with recycling fundraisers and have created recyclable jewelry to sell during lunch for additional funding
The Environmental Club has a Facebook page to post events and Club information.  Check it out! 
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