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Letter for parents with a child who is a:
6th grader in Advanced Pre-Algebra
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8th grader in Advanced Geometry

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Gen Esmende, Department Chair
Glenn Mendoza
Alyson Downs

Family Math Night

For the past three years, Wangenheim Middle School’smath department has hosted Family Math Night in March.  The purpose of Family Math Night is to bringstudents and their families together for a fun night of mathematics throughvarious games and activities.

Last year, we had over 600 students and parentsattend Family Math Night.  Some of theactivities that parents and students participated in are Fast Track, 24Challenge, Rubik’s Cube Competition, and many more. We also had students createsome of the activities such as the Math Obstacle Course, Do You Know your MathVocabulary, and Golf Math. Our math lab was also open for parents to see thevarious math programs their child is using in their math class such as LearningUpgrade, First in Math, and Cognitive Tutor. Students and parents also had theopportunity to interact with the Promethean board.  We also had an informational presentation forparents on how to access their child’s math textbook online.

Also, some of our local businesses supported Family Math Night by providing food or donating prizes for the raffle.  The businesses that supported our event areNew York Giant Pizza, Pat & Oscar’s, Mira Mesa Lanes, Robeks, andSouplantation.

This school year, Family Math Night will be held on March 13, 2014  If you have any questions regarding Family Math Night or if you are interested in supporting our event, please email Gen Esmende at