An article entitled, Should APEX Courses Be Abolished or Expanded? An Opportunity to Catch up or an Easy Way Out? was featured in the Student Voices section of the March 23 Friday Notes. I wanted to take this opportunity to expand on the subject of Apex course offerings so that students and parents are aware that they are not just for credit recovery.

Apex provides several types of courses for San Diego Unified students, including credit recovery classes, core subject classes, and Advanced Placement (AP) classes. The Apex credit recovery courses are "streamlined" versions of the full course. As a result, the credit recovery courses are not accepted by the University of CA (UC), CA State University (CSU) or the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Apex also provides first-time, college-prep core courses and Advanced Placement courses, which are UC a-g and NCAA approved. Students who take Apex core subject or Advanced Placement courses through iHigh Virtual Academy are taking courses that meet UC/CSU admissions requirements, as well as NCAA eligibility requirements.

Directions for verifying approved iHigh courses on the University of CA (UC) Doorways web site and on the NCAA Eligibility web site are posted on the iHigh website at Please feel free to contact me at or Head Counselor Sonia Castillo at if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Patty MacIntyre