Middle School

Wangenheim Cell Phone Policy


During school 7:30-2:15: 

  • Cell phones must be out of sight and turned-off
  • Cell phones which are turned on or in view will be confiscated
  • Students, texting, photographing, video-recording, or listening to music during school will be assigned detention
  • Students may never use their cell phone during school to call their parents without  permission


Before and After School: 


  • Students may use their cell phones for calling and texting only. 
  • No photographing, video recording or music playing
  • Cell phones used for camera, video or music will be confiscated and student will be assigned detention.


Students bring phones to school at their own risk.   Wangenheim is not responsible for phones that are lost or stolen.



  • First Offense: Cell phone is confiscated and turned over to VP or counselor.  Cell phone will be returned to student when student returns completed cell phone contract signed by parents
  • Second Offense: Same as above but phone must be picked up by the parent
  • Third Offense: Same as above and student loses cell phone privileges.
  • Students who are texting or using photo/video/music capabilities during school must complete after-school detention in addition to consequences listed above.