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Career Technical Education ("CTE") in the San Diego Unified School District is a comprehensive and innovative program of study. This program is a multi-year sequence of courses and experience outside of the classroom that fully integrates core academic knowledge, technical knowledge, supports for students, and work-based experiences to provide students with a pathway to postsecondary education and careers.
CTE and its related programs, such as career-themed personalized smaller learning communities (PSLC), work as an engine of education reform and workforce development for the local economy. CTE curriculum aligns to the State's comprehensive and rigorous CTE content standards California Content Standards and Career Technical Education Framework for California Public Schools, and the Common Core State Standards.
CTE and PSLCs are organized around 15 industry sectors and 59 career pathways leading to high skill, high wage and high demand occupations (CTE Course of Study ). Each instructor in the CTE program has specific industry experience in the field they teach. This empowers students with a relevant context for developing real-world problem solving, as well as communication, technological and interpersonal skills necessary for post-secondary and career success.
CTE Course Curriculum is different from that in a traditional high school program. CTE curriculum is designed to connect students' experiences with theoretical material through real-world practical application and projects. Projects are developed that require teamwork and critical thinking. Final projects are assessed by industry professionals.
Major objectives for 2014-2015 include:
  1. Submit all Career Technical Education (CTE) courses to the University of California for “a-g” admissions recognition and/or appropriate professional organization for industry certification to prepare students for college and career.
  2. Develop quality curriculum for all CTE courses.
  3. Provide effective, course and program specific professional development opportunities focused on improving curriculum, instructional practice, problem-based learning and formative and summative assessment.
  4. Focus on leadership development for staff, teachers and students.